This is the Downloads Page for Sonic Underground. Here you will find downloadable versions of the songs from the series and downloadable clips of episodes. Enjoy, please do not direct link.

BEFORE DOWNLOADING: Please do note that the music files were ripped directly from the episodes themselves therefore making most of them "contaminated" with background noise from the episode that was playing during the song. Nothing I or anyone else can do to fix it so if you don't wanna have to listen to the song and bg noises at the same time, leave now. Otherwise go on and download.



Working Together In Harmony

We're All In This Together

Have You Got The 411?

I've Found My Home

Money Can't Buy

Let The Good Times Roll

Let The Children Light The Way

Face Your Fear

We Need To Be Free

Listen To Your Heart

Society Girl

Built For Speed

Let's Do It To It

You Can't Own Everything


Good VS Evil (from "Six Is A Crowd")

Episode Song Music Videos

Being A Kid Is Cool

Working Together In Harmony

I Can Do That For You

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