Sonic Underground Ep 29-- Getting To Know You

The episode opens with a view of a red sky. A short few seconds later, guess what, ANOTHER strange ship flies past us. That never gets old does it? Anyway, Queen Aleena then narrates as the ship is flying.

Queen Aleena(narrating): Now that Robotnik had identified my children, he would not rest until he found them.

We're now shown inside Robotnik's base where he, Sleet, and Dingo are examining another head shot image of Sonic, Manic, and Sonya.

Robotnik(with his back turned to us): Find those hedgehogs!

He then turns to the camera and points his finger at Sleet and Dingo.

Robotnik: Or you'll get to inspect my prison personally!

He then walks off screen towards Sleet and Dingo. We are still shown the head shot image for a few seconds.

Sleet(off screen while we are seeing the head shots): Three little hedgehogs?

We now see Sleet and Dingo's ugly faces.

Sleet: I still don't understand, sir, what harm could they possibly--

Robotnik cuts him off before he can finish.

Robotnik(grasping the collar of Sleet's shirt): Queen Aleena's brats could destroy everything! Find them!

He then lets go of Sleet and starts walking towards the door.

Sleet: Heh heh, yes your Grace, leave it to us, sir!

As he says this Robotnik continues to walk out of the room. Sleet looks where Robotnik exited the room. We're now shown Dingo who's staring at the headshot of Sonya in a lovestruck fashion.

Sleet(looking at Dingo semi-disgustingly): What are you doing, you oaf?

Dingo points at Sonya's picture.

Dingo(still lovestruck): She's pretty.

We're shown Sonya's image for a sec then the camera goes back to the furball twins (I love calling them that).

Sleet(kinda disgusted): And you're ugly. Now let's get to work!

We're now shown the outside of a little hideout place (The Rebel Base I assume). As the camera zooms in we hear a scream that sounds all too well like Sonya. We're then shown Sonic and Manic who look at each other wondering what could be wrong. So they both speed to where Sonya is. As they get to Sonya's room the screaming stops.

Sonya: Help! Get it away from me!

Sonic: What? What is it?

Sonya(pointing down beneath the bed): Under the bed! Get it out! Get it out!

Manic: Get what?

Sonic gets down on his hands and knees and peeks under the bed. Underneath he founds a little harmless mouse which runs into an open pipe when it sees it's been found.

Sonic(off screen): A mouse?!

Sonic stands back up and puts his hands on his hips.

Sonic: Every force in Robotropolis is on our butts and your wiggin out over a MOUSE?!

He and Manic look at each other.

Manic & Sonic: We're in trouble.

They begin to walk away but Sonya stops them.

Sonya: Wait! Uh, where's the maid? I'd like my breakfast now.

Sonic & Manic(looking at each other again): Definately trouble.

We're then shown a green screen that looks like a video game kinda (like an old school one). Three red dots blink up on the lower part of the green screen. We're then shown Sleet and Dingo in their ship.

Sleet: Ooo we got them now.

Dingo: So now do we call Robotnik?

Sleet: To catch three little hedgehogs?

Sleet then pulls down a lever. We're then shown the outside of the ship as it heads closer to the location of the triplets. Now we're back with the hedgehogs. They're looking at the map the Oracle gave them in the last episode.

Sonya(reading the instructions on the map): North through the Marsh of Melador and into the Badlands. Oh, gross!

Sonic(impatiently): So where do we wind up?

Sonya(points to a location on the map): Right here in Lasla.

Sonic(putting on his backpack): well, wherever it is, we gotta get outta here and fast.

As he says this he picks up another backpack and tosses it to Manic who catches it with an "ugh".

Sonya(shocked): Now?! But I can't leave! Not without a my match luggage and some new clothes and--

Sonic cuts her off by giving her a backpack too.

Sonic: Sorry, this is what you get!

Sonya(looking at the backpack): Huh? Does it come in purple?

Manic: Hey, man, why the speed?

They're interrupted by an earth shaking ruckus. They all gasp and we are shown a door in the room they're in being bust down by, you guessed it, SWATbots.

SWATbot: Priority 1 Hedgehog.

The bot raises its arm with the laser blast on it and shoots a laser at the gang. Barely missing Manic. It shoots again and barely misses Sonic's head. Sonya screams and runs from another laser blast which hits where she had been standing and starts a small fire on the bottom of the map they were examining.

Sonic(to his sibs and kinda whispering so the bot doesn't hear): Get in the basement, middle of hall, I'll hold him off.

Not complaining Manic and Sonya do as he says and make a beline for the other door away from the SWATbot. The bot then comes up to Sonic and he looks back at it, ready to fight. But before he can do anything the robot knocks him to the wall like he was nothing.

Sonic: Whoooaa!!!!

He hits the wall with an "oof" and drops to the floor on his behind. He shakes his head some to try to clear his vision.

Sonic(after clearing his head from hitting the wall): Phew, this is NOT a good start.

The robot's shadow starts to loom over him and he looks up at it. As the robot advances towards Sonic we see Manic and Sonya, who apparently haven't left yet, watching the scene from the doorway.

Manic(to Sonya): You go ahead, I'll get the bot's attention.

He then runs to where Sonic and the SWATbot are leaving Sonya at the doorway to try to get to the basement. Manic skids to a stop behind the SWATbot.

Manic: Hey, bolt head!

The SWATbot turns to Manic, forgetting all about Sonic(which is just suicide waiting to happen). Manic isn't fast enough to run from the robot so he cries out when the robot reaches down and grabs him by his body, lifting him up into the air.

Sonic(kinda sarcastically): Oh, nice diversion, bro!

Manic struggles against the robot's grip but doesn't get any closer to freeing himself. We are then shown outside with Sleet and Dingo who are standing next to their ship. For right now we see a far away span of the two.

Sleet: This is taking too long. (to Dingo) Go in and help the metal head.

As Dingo turns to look at the base we are then shown a close up of the furball twins.

Sleet(while Dingo is still not facing him): GO!

Dingo(turns to Sleet): Y-you mean through the door there?

Sleet(angrily and annoyed): No, through the wall, genius!

Dingo(nodding): Okie-dokie!

With that said Dingo runs towards the base but instead of using the door he uses, what else, the wall. Sleet shakes his head in exasperation. We're then taken to inside the base where Dingo busted through, which just so happened to be right as Sonya was getting to the basement. Sonya screams as Dingo starts to come closer to her. To try to be more "menacing" Dingo emits angry growling noises as he advances closer to her but then it turns into a little lovestruck laughter. Sonya closes her eyes, a plan obviously forming in her mind.

We're now back with Manic and Sonic. Manic is still trying to break free of the robot's grasp but to no avail. The robot begins to walk away, Manic in tow.

Sonic(trying to think of a plan): Not so fast! Not so fast, metal mouth!

He then runs to the robot and jumps up on its head. He tries to twist off the eye thing on the robot's head so it can't see anymore but the SWATbot gets tactiful and lifts its head up and starts spinning it really fast, taking Sonic for a spin with it.

Sonic(while spinning): Whoooaaa! Manic, control panel in arm, shut it off!

Manic looks to a black patch on the arm that's holding him.

Manic(struggling a little more to get his arm free): Ungh! Come on! Come on!(finally gets his right arm out)There!

With his right arm free he reaches over and touches a button on the black rectangle on the arm. The panel door slids open revealing lots of BUTTONS! Manic presses a few of them and the robot's head stops spinning. As it slows down Sonic's cries of dizziness and agony slowly start to stop. When the head comes to a complete stop (as does he) his eyes keep going around in his head for a few seconds till they finally stop. Sonic takes a second to get his bearings.

Manic jumps out of the robot's hand which has loosened up.

Manic: Phew, thanks dude!

Sonic jumps off of the robot's head and lands on the ground.

Sonic: No problemo! Let's grab Sonya and blast outta here!

We're then shown Sonya and Dingo. Sonya is successfully being able to get Dingo to do as she says.

Sonya(sweetly): Oh, I'd LOVE to go with you and visit Dr.Robotnik! Would you be a sweetheart and get my coat for me?

Dingo(happily nodding): Oh yeah! Sure, sure!

Sonya(points to the basement door): It's right in there.

Dingo starts walking towards the basement door and opens it and takes a step inside. Sonya takes that moment to shove him down the basement stairs. Sonya slams the door shut right as Sonic and Manic arrive.

Sonic(off screen): Sonya! You okay?

The other two hedgehogs skid to a stop in the doorway.

Sonya(crosses arms): Not just "okay"! Thanks to me a bad guy's out of commission! (she points to the basement) Down there! Isn't that great?

Sonic: Well THAT was our escape route.

Sonya: Oh...

Sonic(points to the hole Dingo made earlier): But luckily the bad guys gave us another one.

Right after he says that Sleet appears to block that exit.

Sleet(offscreen): Which, unfortunately, you won't be able to use.

As he appears on screen the triplets gasp. Sleet holds a laser gun to them.

Sleet(stepping forward with the gun): Move back. Move back, please.

The triplets start backing up like he says. They stop just before the doorway.

Sleet: I'm afraid you will have to come along with me.

Right after he says that the basement door opens in his face slamming him against the wall and making a nice imprint of his person on the door. Dingo walks up out of the basement.

Dingo: I couldn't find your coat, Sonya. (he turns and sees the triplets) Huh?

Sonic(looking at his sibs): Time for Plan B!

Manic: What's that?

Sonic: Same as Plan A, the basement.

He grabs both of his sibs and speeds through Dingo's legs and into the basement. Dingo bends over and looks through where the hedgehogs passed him. We're shown down in the basement where Sonic continues to speed toward their only hope of escaping. We're then shown a close-up of Dingo looking very sad. He steps to the basement doorway and looks where the triplets went.

Dingo(very lovestruck and sad at the same time): Bye, Sonya...

(Commercial break!!!)

We're shown a view of the triplets walking through a sewer-like place. They're looking around at where they are. We see that Sonya is getting mud on her boots, much to her displeasure.

Sonya(looking at her boots): I am never stepping foot in a sewer again!

As she says this Sonic and Manic walk a little ways past her. Manic stops to wait for her.

Sonya: It's dirty, it's smelly, and it's disgusting!

Manic(kinda offended): Hey, that's my home you're talking about, Princess!

Sonic(off screen until mid-way through the sentence): Oh, sorry, your ladyship, next time we'll get you a carrige.

Sonic continues to walk through the sewer. Upon reaching the exit he turns to where his sibs are.

Sonic: Now, where's the scroll?

Sonya(putting her hand on Manic's shoulder): You actually a sewer?

As she says this the two begin to walk towards Sonic.

Sonic(impatiently): I'm waaiitiiing.

Manic and Sonya just keep walking past him and continue their conversation.

Manic: Yeah, so?

Sonya: It's just that it's so...yucky!

They arrive outside. Manic jumps up onto the uprised land and help Sonya up. Sonic runs out to where they are.

Sonic: Ahem! The scroll?

Manic: Problem, it got torched, what's left is back at the safe house.

Sonic: Well then we've gotta go back!

He reaches up to pull Sonya back to where he is.

Sonya: No we don't! (Sonic grabs her wrists and starts pulling her back into the mud) Hey! Hey! Let me go!

But Sonic pulls her back into the sewer mud anyway. She tries to pull her wrist out of his grasp.

Sonic: Sorry, we gotta have the scroll!

Manic(with his hands on his hips): What's the matter? Is the Duchess afraid to get her feet dirty?

He then jumps down into the mud and jumps a few more times splashing sewer mud all over Sonya and Sonic who just stare at him. Manic grins at them like he just did the best practical joke ever.

Sonya(testy and annoyed): If you would let me FINISH! We've got the scroll! (points to her head)Right here.

Sonic and Manic both emit "huh?"s at that comment and look at her oddly.

Sonya: I have a photographic memory.

Sonic runs over to Manic and puts his arm around him.

Sonic: Photographic memory?

Manic(playfully at Sonya): Ooooo

Sonya(annoyed and closes her eyes to not look at them): Oh give me a break!(opens her eyes slightly and and smiles at them)

Sonic and Manic strike a pose.

Sonic and Manic: Cheese!

Manic laughs a little after he says "cheese".

We're back with Sleet and Dingo who look worn out and are bent over panting. They're talking to Robotnik through a monitor.

Sleet: The-The hedgehogs got away, sir...

We're then shown Robotnik sitting in his chair.

Robotnik: You call yourselves Bounty Hunters?! You couldn't catch fish in a bowl!

Dingo(over the monitor): Aw, I think we could. If the bowl was-

He's elbowed by Sleet who then brings out the scroll, a bit of it missing from when it got torched.

Sleet(over the monitor): Uhm, sir, we found this(holds the map up to the screen so Robotnik can see).

Robotnik: What is it?

Sleet(over monitor): A map, sir, and I think I know where they're going.

(Commercial break!!!)

We're then shown a strange forest that seems to be slightly untouched by Robotnik. We see the triplets walking through said forest.

The sound of a bird's wings flapping come from above and Manic jumps at the sound.

Manic(kinda scared): Yo, what was that?!

Sonic(setting his stuff down on a tree root): It's a bird. Just like the bird yesterday and the day before, sheesh!

Manic: Hey, I'm a cityboy, okay?

Manic walks pridefully up to where they are and sits on a tree root between Sonic and Sonya. He takes out a piece of bread from his backpack and breaks it into three pieces giving one piece to Sonic and one to Sonya and keeping one for himself.

Sonya(as Manic is breaking the bread): More bread? How gormet(takes her piece). (to Manic) So, what did you do in the city, Manic?

Manic(taking a bite of his bread): I was uh in the family buisness we uh...we moved things.

As he says this Sonic notices his brother's discomfort in trying to think of a lie.

Sonya(off screen): Like import-export?

Sonic jumps off the tree root he and Manic are sitting on and runs up to them stopping Manic from repling to the last thing she said.

Sonic: No! Like a thief!

Manic gasps as Sonic says that and Sonic just runs to where his backpack is and puts it on, his meal being done. Sonya gasps too.

Sonya: A thief?! Oh!

Manic(to Sonic): How'd you know?!

Sonic(adjusting his backpack): Resistance, we gotta know about everybody.

Manic puts his backpack on his shoulders but notices Sonya is still looking at him in a very frightened manner, she herself frozen in fear.

Manic(walking up to his sister and putting a hand on her shoulder): Heh heh, hey don't worry, princess, I don't steal from family.

Sonya: Oh, I-I-I-I didn't mean-

Sonic comes up to them and puts an arm around Sonya.

Sonic: We were all born with silver spoons in our mouths, Sonya, you just got to keep yours.

Manic: Yeah, I had to steal mine!

Sonic and Manic then break into a little fit of laughter at their joke. Sonya doesn't find it funny though. Sonic then starts to walk a little ways away still laughing a bit.

Sonic(looking back at his siblings): Come on, guys, we've got a long way to go.

The next scene shows Manic helping Sonya get her backpack on, Sonya herself still looking a little POed at their joke. Suddenly, a strange figure flies across the camera's view for a second. Manic and the others emit "huh?"s at the guy's appearence. The jaguar guy continues to swing on his vine to the other side and lands on the ground a few feet from the triplets.

Guy: Not all that far!

Sonic turns his head to look at him curiously. Sonic then speeds over so he is in front of the guy.

Sonic: Who-Who-Who are you?

Guy: I am Gondar, sent by the Oracle of Delphius. I am here to train you.

He emphasizes by pointing at each of them.

Sonic: Woah, that's perfect, 'cause we're here to be trained!

Sonic sports a grin as Gondar laughs a little off screen since we are just seeing a close up of Sonic.

We now see a plateu area. As the camera zooms in we are fast forwarded to where we see Gondar and the triplets climbing up the plateu. Sonic is right behind Gondar.

Gondar(moving his fists in a punching-like fashion): Left, right, left, right.

As he says this Sonic mimics his actions and continues for a few seconds more after Gondar stops and starts walking some more ahead. Sonic eventually stops doing the punching thing and starts following Gondar again, stomping his feet on the ground for Lord knows what reason as if almost in tune with the music that is playing as this scene is going.

We then see Sonya and Manic come around the corner and behind Sonic.

Sonya(sighs while panting from exhaustion): Couldn't training start at a more reasonable hour?

Manic: You got that right, I'm used to comin' home around now.

We are then shown another shot of Gondar as he comes to a stop somewhere at the top of the plateu.

Gondar(turning to speak to the triplets): Here you will develop your natural abilities and find talents hidden within you.

We see a shot of the triplets, Sonic standing, Sonya sitting on a large rock, and Manic laying down on a tree root with his hands behind his head. Sonic starts to jump a little around the small area and lands on the rock Sonya is resting on.

Sonic: Can we get this show on the road while I'm still young?

Sonya(turning to him and in a sarcastic tone): Wow, wouldn't it be ironic if your hidden talent was patience?

Sonic(kinda offended): What makes you say that?!

Sonic jumps off the rock and next to Sonya, she looks at him out of the corner of her eyes. The two siblings then comense to have a glaring contest with each other. Gondar, though, comes over to break it up. Sonic and Sonya emit "huh?"s when he is in front of them.

Gondar: I think NOW is a good time to start.

We're now shown a shot of Sonic. He gets into a position as if ready to twirl.

Gondar(off screen): Once more, Sonic.

Sonic then goes into a really fast super twirl. As he continues to spin Gandor gives off screen instructions to him.

Gondar(while Sonic is spinning): Focus. Concentrate. Now, a little faster.

As he says this Sonic starts to spin out of the view of the camera to the side. We are then shown Gondar who is standing watching Sonic. Sonya and Manic are sitting on nearby rocks next to Gondar watching Sonic as well. Sonic then starts to spin into the camera's view again.

Gondar: Good, good. Now, faster!

As Sonic continues to go past the side of the screen the camera follows him to have another close up of him still spinning.

Gondar(off screen): Balance, Sonic, balance.

Sonic(still spinning): I'm trying! I'm trying! Whoa!

He starts to spin toward the other three, losing his footing a bit. He collides with something with an "oof" and slowly keeps spinning around on his behind before coming to a complete stop. He looks over at Gondar and nervously laughs.

Gondar(to Sonya): Do you see how importent it is to keep your balance, Sonya?

Sonya jumps off the rock she was sitting on.

Sonya: Absolutely! Otherwise you get REALLY dirty.

Sonya starts walking over to somewhere else to practice her super spins releasing a sound of disgust at the idea of dirt.

Gondar(as Sonya is walking away): Ah, yes. (Sonic gets up at this point and walks over to him) Well, let's get started! First: Speed. Sonic, see the tallest tree on the mountain over there?

He points somewhere to indicate where exactly. Sonic sees it.

Sonic(off screen while we're shown the tree in question): Yeah, and?

We're shown the two again.

Gondar: Go to that tree. (He bends down and picks up a rock now) When I drop this rock catch it BEFORE it hits the ground.

Sonic(confidently): No problemo!

Sonic then speeds towards the tree.

Sonic: Ready!

We see Gondar's hand with the rock in it appear and he drops the rock. As the rock falls Sonic starts to speed toward us. But when he reaches out to grab the rock he misses and forgets to stop causing him to ram straight into the trunk of a large tree with an "oof" and a sickening "crack". Sonic proceeds to slide down the trunk till his body rests on the ground.

Sonic(holding his head in pain): Next time...I'll get it next time...

We are then shown a clearing in the same forest. Sonic and Sonya appear from 2 different pathways. Both of them start a super spin and spin in place for a few seconds, moving slightly. However they both make contact with each other and as a result they're both sent whirling to the ground. Sonic flies off in one direction after contact and Sonya spins to a stop in the dirt. Gondar shakes his head. He then looks over to where Manic is. Now we see Manic holding his drumstick. He starts twirling it in his fingers and then sends it like a boomerang towards a tree where it spins around the tree for a moment going in a downward spiral then heads back to him. Manic has his hand open to catch it but the drumstick hits his head instead, making the green hedgehog fall to the ground with its force. He picks up the drumstick though and tries to mock his victory.

Gondar(kind of sarcastically): Oh, boy.

We then see a one second shot of Gondar, Sonic, and Manic holding up pieces of wood in front of them. We then see Sonya a few feet away. Sonya then does flip-cartwheels towards them. One by one she starts to do karate kicks to each of the pieces of wood, splitting them in half. As she does this she does the standard "hiyaa!" cry with each kick. After she splits the piece Gondar is holding she looks expectantly at him and he winks at her in a "good job" fashion. Then we are shown a shot of Manic's drumstick doing yet another downward spiral down the trunk of a tree. As it heads back to him he succesfully catches it, twirls it some more, and projects it towards a target that is hanging on a tree near him, we see he's put a lot of other drumsticks on the target too.

Manic(proudly): Happenin!

Gondar puts his hand on his shoulder and gives him a thumbs up.

We now see another speed scene where Sonic is next to the tree he was told to be at and Gondar again ready to drop the rock. As he drops it Sonic speeds towards it once again but this time successfully catches it. He speeds to a stop before he hits the tree for a second time and proudly holds up the caught rock. Gondar nods proudly. We then see Sonya skid to a stop in front of the camera's view. She goes into a super spin and is able to retain her balance and successfully keep up the spin for a long time. As she is spinning she picks up a rock whilest she spins and moves in a motion to throw the rock. Said rock hit the ground and shatters to tons of little pieces. Sonya comes to a complete stop managing to stay on her feet.

Sonya(proudly): Yes! Heh heh heh!

Sonic and Manic then run up to her.

Sonic(high fiving Sonya): Go sis!

Manic(waiting to high five her too): Well done!

Sonya high fives Manic after he says that. The triplets look at Gondar who smiles at them.

(Commercial Break!!!)

We see Robotropolis in all its evil glory. Guess what? Yes, that's right, ANOTHER ship is flying away from us. Obviously. Anyway, we see Egg-I mean Robotnik's EGG shaped headquarters. We're shown the outside for a few seconds before the camera shows an inside view where we see Robotnik at his huge computer database with its three monitor glory. As the camera zooms in we see that Sleet and Dingo are there as well. We are then shown the slightly torched map in some pink ball that's Something that looks like a smaller version of the map is rotating around it. We then see Robotnik walking toward it.

Robotnik: If this location is anywhere on the planet, it will show up here.

We see a close up of the map in the pink ball. Something that resembles a blue print comes over it. The map is enlarged slightly and blinks a few times. We then see Robotnik's face which could make little kids cry.

Robotnik: Excellent! (I was honestly expecting him to say "egg-cellent", lol)

We then see a back view of him for a moment then he turns to us and starts walking a bit.

Robotnik(to Sleet and Dingo): Let's see what kind of bounty hunters you really are. Take my Command Ship and a full detachment. GET ME THOSE HEDGEHOGS!

We are now back with the triplets and Gondar. Sonic jumps up and starts spinning his legs in a running motion. he then spins into a saw-like razor ball of DOOM. He then speeds off while in that form.

Gondar(to Sonya as she and Manic watch Sonic): Now you, Sonya.

Sonya(looks at Gondar and waves): Back in a few!

She then starts her Super Twirl and spins off in the same direction as Sonic. Manic and Gondar watch her go.

Gondar(turning to Manic): Manic.

Manic looks up at him in a kind of "I'm not special enough" kind of way.

Manic: I've been thinkin' maybe they could do better without me.

He points with his thumb to Sonic and Sonya who are spinning around various spots of trees and things.

We're then shown Manic's face again after the brief showing of Sonic and Sonya practicing.

Manic(closing his eyes kind of sad-like): I mean, my talents just...don't exactly measure up.

Gondar reaches down and puts a hand on his shoulder.

Gondar(kneeling down to Manic's level): Leaving would be a mistake, young friend.

He takes this moment to put both hands on Manic's shoulders.

Gondar: Soon, you will find a talent that has been hidden. Use it to help your cause.

He then begins to stand up-right again. We are then shown Manic again.

Manic: Really? What is it?

We see Gondar again, looking down at Manic.

Gondar(at "you" he emphasizes by pointing to Manic): When the time comes you will know.

We then see Sonic come to a speedy halt in front of them.

Sonic: So, what now Gondar?

Sonya follows soon after him and stops her twirling next to Sonic.

Sonya: More super spins?

Gondar: No, your time here is over.

He then raises his hands to outstretch in front of him.

Gondar: Now I send you to your next teachary lesson (could not understand it). The Land of the Clouds!

As he says this a blue light forms between his hands and an image of scroll appears in the light. He closes his hands around it to roll it up. We are then shown the triplets.

Sonic: Who?

Sonya: What?

Manic: Where?

They say all that in complete succession to the other. We are then shown Gondar again, he signals them to silence.

Gondar: Shh!

We see the triplets look around, confused.

Sonic (turning his hands up): I don't hear anything.

We see Gondar's face again, he appears to be listening closely to something.

Gondar: Ships. Approaching fast.

Now we see Sleet and Dingo inside their ship. Sleet is controlling the ship while Dingo stands behind him.

Robotic Voice Module: Approaching Destination. E.T.A--one minute.

Sleet: Say good-bye, hedgehog brats.

We are then shown the outside of the fleet while they are approaching the triplets.

Sleet(offscreen): You're about to take a one-way ride on the Sleet Express.

We see the triplets and Gondar looking at up at Robotnik's approaching fleet.

Sonic: Robuttnik's ships!

As he says this Manic audibly gasps. The ships appear in front of them as we see the view from behind the group.

Sleet(off screen but the ship is in front of them): Surrender, hedgehogs! You have ten seconds!


As we come back from the commercial break we see the shadow of the ship falling over them. Manic, again, audibly gasps, this time more shocked and surprised(god, his face makes me giggle everytime I see it in this shot).

We see the fleet now almost right over the land they are on. The ship Sleet and Dingo are in shoots a laser out that hits the ground, as if warning them he's serious.

Sleet(over the ship's intercom while the group slowly backs away from the fleet): Five seconds, hedgehogs.

We then see the front of the ship where a BIG cannon is aimed at our beloved hedgehogs. The ships start heading closer to them. We are then shown the group again.

Sonic(stepping foreward slightly, a bit angrily infact): I'll show him five seconds!

We see the ship again, this time it starts blasting some trees surrounding it, knocking em over. Then we go back to the group.

Sonic(to Gondar, worridly): Robuttnik's ships are gonna destroy your forest!

Gondar looks at him then back up at the ship.

Gondar: Obviously you haven't heard about our trees.

We're shown inside Sleet and Dingo's ship now. Sleet is standing now instead of sitting.

Sleet: Well, they can run but they can't hide!

As he says this he sits down in the seat behind him and continues to operate the ship.

Dingo(nodding his head): Yeah!

Sleet presses a red button that triggers a command intercom or something and he speaks into it.

Sleet: All ships, destroy this place!

We then get a close up of his ugly face.

Sleet(with a gleam in his eye): I'LL snatch the hedgehogs.

We then see the outside of the ship as it yet again is coming closer to us, the triplets, and Gondar.

Sonya(panicking like mad): He's gonna get us!

While she says this Manic cowers and chews on his fingers while Sonic stands determined.

Gondar(pointing around them): Watch.

We are then shown a fleet of ships coming over some trees with weird looking flower buds on them. As the ship hovers over the tree the buds shoot out streams of green goo on the underside of the ship. The ship continues flying as if nothing happened but then it starts wobbling a bit and falls directly down to crash. We then see the triplets smiling faces at the triumph. They turn their heads the opposite direction to watch the other fleet of ships suffer the same fate. One ship veers off and crashes in a mass of trees and rocks. We continue to see the buds spitting on the ships, the last ship they attack is the one Sleet and Dingo are in. Obviously because their ship is bigger it takes more buds to fully coat the underside.

As the buds shoot the acid streams onto the ship some of it comes up and coats the windo shield in front of the duo. As this happens they step back slightly startled.

Sleet(worried panic): I can't see!

He presses a button that sets off an alarm and he starts speaking commands again.

Sleet(off screen but furiously pressing button): Pull up! Pull up!

We then see the outside of the ship again. It starts to sway slightly upwards to Sleet's previous commands. However it suffers the same fate from the acid and crashes in the distant mountains. We are then taken back to the triplets who look on in wonder at what just happened.

Sonya: Amazing!

Gondar: Time for you to go.

The camera starts zooming away from him and he holds up the scroll to them.

Gondar: Use the scroll!

Sonya(accepting the scroll from Gondar): Is it a map?

As she opens it the triplets look at it.

Gondar(off screen as the triplets look at the open scroll): In a manner of speaking.

The scroll begins to glow in Sonya's hands and blue circles of light starts surrounding them.

Sonya(as this is happening): What was that?

Manic(while it's happening): Aah!

Sonic(while it's happening): Yikes!

They say various other sounds you'd make if you were shocked/confused. They glow white and blue for a moment and then disappear into thin air, leaving little puffs of dust in their wake.


As we come back from commercial we are shown a stunning view of the mountains. As the camera advances to the right we begin to see a floating structure. The camera zooms in then shows an imediate close up of the entrance. In the close up we see a few cloaked monks (with hoods on) walking down a set of invisable stairs. We get a close up of one monk who has walked down the steps to reach the ground floor. It starts to walk toward a slab on the ground. The monk bends down and dusts off the top of it, revealing a head shot of Queen Aleena!

A blue light suddenly appears and the monk looks up. We take our attention to the source of the blue light and see the triplets appear out of the light, screaming "whoa!"s and being stunned of being in the air. Sonic makes an attempt to run on air and fails. As the blue light fades they all fall to the ground with large "oof"s. They look up and notice the monk. We then see a front shot of the monk who just towers over them, silently and almost creepily.

Sonic(standing up and holding his hand up in a gesture): Hi guy!

Sonya gets up and dusts herself off. Manic gets up too. The monk begins to turn and walk silently toward the stairs.

Sonya(to Sonic): Should we follow him?

Upon saying this the monk turns his head in a gesture of "follow me" then continues to walk toward the floating building. We see a close up of Sonic's face and he's looking at the structure in wonder, then his face turns into an unimpressed expression. Then he looks shocked a moment.

Sonic(kinda shocked): Huh?!

We then get an outspan of the four walking toward the invisable stairs. The monk starts walking up them while the triplets stop at the base. We then get a close up of the monk and he gestures with his hands for them to come.

We then see the triplets, close up.

Sonic(impressed): Way past cool!

He takes a step foreward and places his foot on one, invisable step. Sonya and Manic silently watch him. Sonic continues to walk up and soon Manic and Sonya follow. They walk up a few steps, Sonya and Manic watching their footing. Sonic stops for a moment and looks back at them, his face asking for what they think of it.

Sonya(amazed): Impressive!

They continue to walk up the invisable stairs following the monk. Sonya and Manic walk up the steps with more ease now. We then see the triplets and monk walking through a really huge door. We then see them in a chamber with various rooms with curtains for doors. As they walk along the hedgehogs look around at their surroundings in wonder. The monk suddenly veers off to a room at the end of a line of five. We then get a close up of the triplets looking around but then they stop, all three gasping.

We then see the monk holding the curtain open for them. As the camera zooms in the monk gestures with his hand for them to go in. They obey and walk into the room, looking around still. As Manic enters the room after Sonya the monk follows them and lets go of the curtain allowing it to slide back into place. The triplets stop walking along side each other and the monk steps a few paces a head of them then turns back to face them. We then see a shot of the room with three beds, sparkles start appearing for a "clean" effect. We then see a close up of Sonya who is looking at the room admirabley.

Sonya: How...uncluttered.

The camera then moves left to fall on Sonic who is looking around side-to-side.

Sonic(placing hands on hips): Easy to clean!

He nods then turns his attention to the monk.

Sonic(to monk and pointing to emphasize): So, do you talk or what?

Sonya looks at him with outrage.

Sonya(irate and whispering): Sonic! He's a monk!

Monk(off screen at first but then switches to his cloaked face): I do indeed speak.

We then see the triplets again.

Manic(gesturing with hands to emphasize his point): Woah! Thought we were gonna have to become mimes!

Monk(also gesturing with hands): Your medallions, they are a source of great power!

We then are shown the triplets again and their medallions begin glowing their respective colors. They look down at their medallions slightly confused, saying confused words like "huh", "what" and stuff. Sonya puts her hands to hers and smiles, then looks at her brothers.

Sonya: Just like the night we met at the club.

We then are shown the monk.

Monk(using hands again to emphasize): But to use the power you must find harmony among yourselves.

Sonic(crosses arms over chest, slightly annoyed and impatiently): Hmm, you might wanna get to the point, bud? (starts tapping foot against the ground impatiently)What kind of power?

Manic(puts hand on the annoyed Sonic's shoulder): Chill, Sonic! Listen to him!

Sonic still looks annoyed but listens anyway.

Monk(as he says this a ball of light appears between his hands): The first power is simple--the power of music!

As he says the last bits a ray of blueish light shoots from the ball and hits each medallion one at a time, lighting it up.

Sonya(as hers gets hit): Hey!

Sonic(as his gets hit): Whoa!

Manic(as his is hit): *gasp*! (startled)What was that?

Their medallions continue to glow throughout this. The monk walks over to the opposite side of the room of them and they watch where he goes. He turns and faces them upon reaching the other side of the room.

Monk: Touch your medallions. (points)You first.

Sonic points his thumb to himself as if asking "Me?" then smiles.

Sonic: No problemo!

He touches his medallion and lots of sparks of blue light shoot out. In seconds a really cool (but slightly weird) looking electric guitar is where his medallion was. Sonic "ooo"s at it.

Sonya and Manic follow him and in sparks of green and pink light their respective instruments of a keyboard and drum set appear.

Sonya(playing a few keys on her instrument): It's beautiful!

Manic(softly striking a few pieces of the drum set): Crashin'!

Monk(with hand gestures again): They have other uses as well.

Once he says this blueish light appears in his hands almost engulfing the screen.

Monk(while still holding the sources of light): But only if you work together in harmony.

Monk(as he controls the energy light): Your first test begins NOW!

With that he teleports them to a cell-like area. They look at each other confusedly, Manic shrugging as the other two emit "huh?"s. Suddenly a shadow falls over them and growling sounds can be heard. They all gasp.

We see a front view of the monster, a big creature with really sharp teeth. The thing begins to walk toward them, growling hungrily as it goes.

As it looms over them the triplets scream in pure terror. The monster looks at them hungrily. we then get a close up on Sonya and Sonic.

Sonic(points to monster): Former boyfriend?

Sonya(retorically while Sonic grins like a little kid): Cute, ok what should we do?

Sonic(hitting his palm with a fist): I'll knock him out with a Super Spin! Spin and win time!

He runs up to the monster at super speed, doing tornado spins like he did in their previous training. He stops mid air and the monster moves to grab him but he spins to the other side before he can be caught, the monster growling angrily and hungrily. We are then shown Sonya chewing her fingers, her gaze transfixed solely on Sonic in fear of what might happen.

Manic(off screen but then is shown in front of a small door): Hey! I know this lock!

He scans the ground for something to use and he finds a nail. He puts it in the lock and the door comes open with ease. we then see Sonya again.

Sonya(screaming almost): Wait Sonic!

But it's too late, as she screams that Sonic is caught by the hungry monster and he screams and yells in terror. The monster moves to drop him in his mouth. We then see a close up of Sonya's face.

Sonya(in fright with her hand on her head): NOOO!!!!

She spins toward the monster in an attemot to rescue her brother. Sonic is still screaming as Sonya spins up to the monster. She makes an attempt to attack but is caught herself by the monster, she starting to scream and yell in terror too with Sonic. The ugly monster moves to place them both in his mouth but just before he can the triplets are transported back to the safe haven of the Land of the Clouds. We see a full front view of the cloaked monk.

Monk(as the camera zooms in on him): You have failed your first test! There will be no more training!

He puts his hand down in disappointment. We see the triplets looking very ashamed and disappointed.

Monk(turning his head to Sonya, said hedgehog appearing on screen shortly after he starts saying this): Your heart was good but you used poor judgement.

Sonya looks up at the monk, a look of shame still etched on her face.

Monk(looks at Manic who depicts same disappointment as Sonya): Your actions were correct.

Manic looks up mirroring the same shame as Sonya. We then see the monk again.

Monk(with hand gestures): Had you all worked together your escape would have been a simple one.

We then see a slowly zooming up picture of Sonic.

Sonic(placing hands on chest and with an ashamed tone): Oh it was me. I got us killed...

We then see the monk again.

Monk(starting to pace a little as he says this): Yes, your impulsiveness, your rash actions, your inability to work as a team, These will be your undoing! And may perhaps cause the END of your siblings.

Sonya(defensive and slightly offended, slightly. She also places an arm around Sonic shoulders): Just a minute, buster! Sonic may be impatient and impulsive, but he's braver than anyone I've ever met!

As she says this Sonic and Manic look at her smiling. We then see the monk.

Monk(shaking head and doing a hand gesture): It is not about bravery.

We then see the triplets again.

Manic(standing up for Sonic too and mimicing Sonya's actions so both their arms are around their brother): Hey! You're talking about one of the best Freedom Fighters there is! He's saved my butt a couple of times! If you ask me, we don't need your stupid training!

During his little defensive speech he places a hand to his chest to indicate himself at the parts where he talks about Sonic saving him and at the end points to the monk for emphasis.

We then see the monk again.

Monk: Ah, you defend your brother.

He takes down his hood to reveal his face (which resembles a weird dog....thing...).

Monk(with hand gestures): Now THAT is harmony. Strive to find this in your training.(he begins to walk towards the door/curtain, he turns back to them before he walks out)Which will continue tomorrow morning, or perhaps before.

With that he walks out of the room leaving the triplets to contemplate on what just happened. We are then shown a shot of said hedgehogs.

Sonic(kinda amazed and gratful): Wow! You guys really stood up for me!

Sonya(using a hand gesture): Well, you saved me more than once and besides (she puts her hand on his shoulder), you are my brother(she kisses his cheek).

Sonic smiles then turns to Manic.

Sonic(pointing at Manic): YOU'RE not gonna kiss me, are ya?

Manic(playfully punching Sonic's shoulder): No way! But you are kinda cute.

Sonya(off screen): Hey! (she appears on screen behind her keyboard) We gonna let these cool instruments go to waste?

Sonic and Manic walk over to their respective instruments. Sonya strikes a few keys on her instrument, Sonic strums a few strings, and Manic twirls his drumsticks. They look at each other for a second then perform this episode's song.

Working Together In Harmony

(Oooooh Oooooh Ooooh)When there's a job to do you've got to pull together as a team
(Ooooh Oooooh)When to fight, when to wait, everyone must communicate
(Ooooh Oooooh)

Working together, (together) that's how it should be
Working together, (together) just you and me
Working together, whoa-oa-oa-oa, in harmony, oh-oh!

Paa paa paa pa-pa pa pa pa paa
Pa pa pa paa paa paa pa-pa pa pa pa paa

Working together, whoa-oa-oa-oa, in harmony, oh-oh!
If we'd all work together, everyone, in harmony, oh-oh!
Sweet harmony, harmony!

During the song a group of five monks come into the room, one monk in the middle starts to break out into dance as the song progresses and eventually after that monk jumps on one of the beds and does somersaults in the air (I love this music video, darnit!) the other four monks start to dance too. While the one monk is dancing solo the triplets are dancing too while still singing (don't ask, enjoy it!)

After the song is over Sonic is kneeling on one knee with his back to his siblings who are on either side of him. The solo dancing monk from the video is in turn behind them. Sonya puts her arm around Sonic and outstretches the other for Manic.

Sonya: Group hug!

Manic comes to join them and they group hug(omg it's so adorable!, ok I'm done, sorry).

Sonic(opens his eyes after Sonya opens hers and Manic following after): I think this is the start of something WAY past cool! (he looks at each of his siblings)

The screen sizes into a ball and....