Sonic Underground Ep 28--- Beginnings

The episode opens with various span shots of Robotropolis before Robotnik took over.

Queen Aleena: There once was a time when Robotropolis was beautiful, it was then known as a peaceful city called Mobotropolis.

The camera then shows a hanger where a ship flies out of it and it shows Robotnik

Queen Aleena: But just after my children were born the evil Dr. Robotnik used his technology to turn our world into a place of terror.

As she says this the camera shows different parts of Mobius becoming desolate, barren waist lands.

Camera then shows us a little party that the richer Mobians are having (from the looks of it it appears to be a cocktail party).

Queen Aleena: As the source of Robotnik's money the aristocrats were left to play.

We are then shown the Robotisizing Room where a long line of prisoners are awaiting robotisization.

Queen Aleena: While our people were robotisized and became slaves.

We are now shown the outside of a little "run down" house. The camera then takes us inside the house where we see Queen Aleena feeding a baby Sonya a bottle of milk while Sonic and Manic are asleep in a crib next to the queen.

Queen Aleena(narrating): Our royal family was outlawed, a price placed on our heads.

As she says this Sonic and Manic's medallions glow their respective colors whilest they sleep (Manic is so adorable!!!!!, ok fangirlism over now).

Camera NOW shows us inside the Oracle's cave where Aleena is with her children in their 3 seperate baskets. Bats start flying toward the camera as this is happening. Camera then shows us a close up of the Oracle who conjures up a magical image in front of Aleena showing her the future.

Queen Aleena(narrating): Then the Oracle of Delphius revealed a prophecy to me.

Oracle: Someday, you will reunite with your children to become the Council of Four and overthrow Robotnik.

After he says that we see Aleena (cloaked) looking at her three children who are just smiling at her, then she turns back to the Oracle.

Oracle shows her what will happen in the future if the prophecy is fulfilled. As he does this we see Aleena walking up some stairs with her children (they're 16 year old forms). As this happens the Oracle narrates.

Oracle: But there is a price, Your Highness.

We now see Aleena kneeling down near Sonya stroking Sonya's face and hair.

Queen Aleena(narrating): For the prophecy to be fulfilled I had to give up my babies.

Now we are outside a BIG mansion during a thunderstorm it looks likes. We see Aleena running up to it, Sonya in her arms. Aleena is crying and holding the baby Sonya close to her. She then kisses Sonya and puts her in her basket then places the basket on the doorstep. As the doorbell is rung Aleena quickly flees the scene. The door opens and we see Lady Windimere step out onto the porch. She looks around confused that no one is there then looks down and gasps at seeing Sonya. She then moves down to pick her up.

The camera now shows us the mountaineer couple's home where Sonic was left. The door opens and the mountaineer man steps to the opening. He too gasps at seeing Sonic. Baby Sonic just smiles recieving another gasp from the man. Baby Sonic then sits up in his basket and runs through the mans legs really fast into the house. The man turns and moves to chase after Sonic.

We're now shown the outside of a home in Robotropolis and we see Queen Aleena knock on the door and quickly place Manic's basket in front of the door. As she runs away from the scene we see a rat mobian hiding behind a corner, observing the scene. Seeing his opportunity, he runs up to the door and grasps Manic's basket. He looks around to make sure it's safe and then takes off running with Manic in tow. As he is running away the door opens to reveal another mobian who looks around and gasps too but finds no one there so she closes the door back.

We're now shown a room with a swinging lamp. The rat mobian places Manic's basket in front of another mobian (who we later find out is Farrell). The sheet is pulled over Manic so Farrell pulls it down to reveal the baby Manic (who is so adorable! ok, I'm calm now...). Farrell smiles at seeing Manic and reaches his hand down. Baby Manic grabs one of his fingers and says something in baby language. Farrel makes a nodding motion then reaches down and picks up Baby Manic and holds the baby to him patting his back. Baby Manic smiles at this.


The camera shows us a 5 year old Manic (who is also adorable!) who is wearing a pair of sunglasses. He's currently sitting on a bench drumming on it with his drumsticks.

Farrell(off screen): Have you been studying your lessons, Manic?

Manic stops drumming and looks in the direction Farrel apparently is.

Manic: Yep

Farrell(still offscreen): Well then?

Manic: One sec

As he says this he drums a few seconds more then flips his drumsticks up into the air and they land expertly into his open fanny pack pouch.

We now see Farrell starting to appear on screen and as he does so Manic gets off the bench and starts walking toward him. As Farrell walks past Manic makes a bumping motion and stops walking. Farrell walks a few more steps ahead. Farrell then looks inside his coat, shuffling his hand around as if looking for something.

Farrell: Oh my, WHERE is my wallet?!

Manic takes this opportunity to take the stolen wallet out of his fanny pack and holds it out in front of him, a look of victory on his face.

Farrell(rather proudly): Well done lad, you're a good boy and you won the full student. And as a reward...

He reaches into his jacket once more to get something out but can't find it so he searches the other side of his jacket.

Farrell(confused): Now where did I...I had it right over here...

As he says this Manic starts drumming on the bench again and Farrell looks over to see the young hedgehog playing with new drumsticks. Farrell laughs whole heartedly.

Manic(looks up from drumming): Rappin sticks, man.

He then twirls them a little with his fingers and puts them in his fanny pack. He then gets off the bench and runs over to Farrell giving the cockroach(I think that's what he is) a big hug. The thief gasps at the gesture.

Manic: Thanks, Farrell.

Farrell(smiles): Always get the finest, my boy.

We now see the outside of a big mansion. Camera then takes us inside where Lady Windimere is reading a book and a 5 year old Sonya is dancing on a very high wall.

Windimere: Sonya, no! Come down from there, instantly!

Sonya(smiles): Ok!

She then does a front flip down from the wall and lands in front of Lady Windimere.

Windimere: Good gracious, child.

We are now shown another part of the mansion where Sonya is doing piano practice.

Sonya: Now may I go out and play?

Windimere: Of course, my dear.

Once she says this Sonya gets up and does cartwheels all the way out of the room. Lady Windimere puts a hand to her forehead and sighs exasperated.

Now we are shown an outside view of the mountaineer home. As the camera zooms in--

Man: Come on, Sonic, bath time!

We are now shown inside the house where a 5 year old Sonic is reving all over the place

Sonic: No bath! No bath!

Man: Sonic Hedgehog, I thought I said no reving in the house!

Sonic: Rev yes, bath no!

Man(winking to his wife): well then, I guess I'll have to eat ALL those chili dogs by myself.

Sonic zooms up to them.

Sonic(taking his guitar off his shoulder and stroking a couple of strings): (forgive me if I get this line wrong) Bath then grub time!

As Sonic plays his little guitar the camera starts to zoom away on the outside of the house.


We see a ship heading toward the house.

Man(grasping Sonic's shoulders): Sonic, listen to me, run as fast as you can to Uncle Chuck's. Don't stop and don't look back.

Sonic: Why? What about you?

Man hugs Sonic tightly then holds Sonic out at arms length with his hands again on his shoulders.

Man: We'll be ok, Sonic, but you know what I need to see? The BIGGEST rev you've ever done!

Sonic(starting to cry a little): Really?(it's almost as if he said "weally" insted) You want me to rev?

Man(standing now): Sure do, pal.

He looks at his wife and hugs her

Man: Let's say it.

Woman(crying): We love you, son!

Man: Go, Sonic, GO! (if I made that line I'd say something different there...)

Sonic takes this chance to start running as fast as he could go away from the house. As he runs away a door to the house is broken down by a SWATbot.

SWATbot: Citizens, you are under arrest.

Camera now shows Sonic still running but then he stops and turns back to look the way he came. To his horror he sees the house on fire.

Sonic: Oh no!

He looks like he's about to break down but he quickly speeds back to the house. We are shown a brief view of the mountaineer couple being taken to the ship we saw at the beginning of the scene. The camera now takes us back to Sonic who is still speeding back to the house. As he gets there the ship is already pulling up and speeding away.

Sonic(tears starting to appear in his eyes): NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

(Cue commercial break here)

We're now shown a view of the house still burning. Sonic gasps (why I don't know).

Uncle Chuck(off screen): Sonny(it's Sonic's nickname by him)

Sonic looks behind him to see Uncle Chuck a little ways behind him and runs to him. Sonic skids to a stop and jumps into his uncle's arms.

Sonic: Uncle Chuck!

As he says he starts crying into Chuck's shoulder. He does that for a few seconds.

Uncle Chuck(stroking Sonic top quils in a calming jesture): It's gonna be alright, Sonny boy.


We are shown the outside of what looks like a pile of garbage(but it's actually the secret house of Chuck). As the camera zooms in you can hear Sonic striking a few chords on his electric guitar.

Uncle Chuck: It'll take all your speed to get through that prototype shield Robotnik's put up, Sonny.

As he's saying that Sonic still plays a little with his guitar.

Sonic: No problemo, Uncle Chuck. "Fast" is my middle name.

Uncle Chuck(laughs a little): Can't argue with that, hehehe. But just remember, you can't let Robotnik see ya. Keep your speed up.

Sonic: Yea, what's up with that, Unc? How come I have to be so careful?

Chuck: Because if he found out who was taking out all his factories he'd be hunting you all the time.

He then looks at his watch.

Uncle Chuck: Whoa! Come on, boy. Jelly and jam time!

Sonic(laughs a little): That's JUICE and jam, Unc.

Chuck: Oh, hehehehehe

After this is said a little telescope-like thing comes down from the ceiling and Chuck puts his eyes up to the eye piece.

Uncle Chuck: Ok, boy, be careful.

Sonic nods and starts walking away to the door. One of them (can't tell which one) pushes a button which opens a secret door in the disguised house.

Chuck: Good luck, Sonic!

As he says this Sonic speeds out of the door and toward Robotnik's factory. The next shot we see is of Robotnik's factory/place where he is at. We only see the outside for now but there's lots of ships flying around it.

Robotnik(off screen): Shield status?

We now see the inside where Robotnik and a little yellow robot are. The robot comes up to Robotnik holding a little pad-like thing.

Robot: Shields ready, sir.

Robotnik: Good, activate.

The robot floats away to a control panel and pulls down a lever lighting up some stuff on the panel. We are then shown the outside again where a orange light shield surrounds the factory.

Robotnik(off screen): Now if The Resistance uses their secret weapon, they'll be in for a BIG surprise! MWUAHAHAHAHA!!!!!(that is seriously how he laughed)

He then walks away and we're shown the factory from a farther distance, shield up and all. We're shown Sonic who is looking at the factory from the little cliff he's on, talking to Uncle Chuck via wristwatch communicator.

Uncle Chuck(through watch): You don't have to do this, Sonny.

Sonic(speaking into the watch): Gotcha, Uncle Chuck. If I don't bust through that forcefield Robotnik will put em around every factory. Not to worry been practicing, Unc. Gotta do it to it. Seeya!

As he says this he speeds off from his perch towards the factory as fast as he can, bending trees in his wake. We are then shown the outside of the factory again, inside the shield.

Robotnik: Prepare to liftoff!

The robot comes up to Robotnik, still holding the pad thing.

Robot: Sir, motion sensors detect fast approaching object.

Robotnik: Radar?

Robot: Too low, sir.

Robotnik(sarcastically): Ah, can't wait.

We're now back with Sonic, still speeding as fast as he can towards the factory, not stopping at all.

Sonic(straining a little): Ugh, just a little faster.

He then looks at his communicator watch.

Uncle Chuck(through watch): Almost there, Sonny, give it all you got!

We then see the factory as Sonic probably saw it and it's fast approaching. Sonic still is straining to keep his speed up as fast as he can get it. He makes contact with the shield but doesn't stop running.

Sonic(while busting through the shield): No way I'm stopping! Just a little more! Yeah!

We are shown a screen with the factory on it and the shield up but then the shield disappears. Robotnik slams his fist down on the arm rest of his chair angrily.

Robotnik(very peeved): It destroyed my forcefield! Nothing could be that fast! What is it?!

We're now back with Sonic who is speeding still past the destroyed shield.

Sonic(reaching into his backpack to get an explosive out): Yes!

We now see him speeding through the factory dropping a few explosives throughout the factory. We are then shown Robotnik's chambers again where we see three screens showing a picture of the explosives. A alarm is blairing through the factory.

Robotnik: Explosives! The factory is going to blow! Lift up! Full speed!(I couldn't understand the first word, deal with it.)

We now see Sonic again, only he's speeding away from the factory now. As he's doing this Robotnik's ship lifts up from the factory and quickly flies away. As it's flying away the factory blows up sending Robotnik's ship flipping a bit.

Robotnik: Ahhh!!!

The robot bumps into him recieving a punch from Robotnik.

Robotnik(angrily): Oh, get off me you stupid bag-of-bolts!

Robot: Analysis of Secret Weapon is now complete, sir.

Robotnik: Excellent, report.

Robot: Sensors indicate that the subject, sir.

Robotnik: Blue? That's ALL?!

Robot: Yes, sir.

Robotnik punches the robot again and grumbles something to himself angrily.

We're now back outside Uncle Chuck's house. The camera zooms in slightly then shows us the inside where a fire is going. Sonic is laying on the couch, worn out from his shield charging. Uncle Chuck is patting his hand.

Uncle Chuck: You got him bad, Sonny. Robotnik won't be recovering from that for a while.

He then stands up and wipes tears from his eyes.

Chuck: Let me see if I can find a doctor, Sonny. Don't you do nothin stupid while I'm gone, you hear me?

He then walks away to let Sonic rest. The moment he leaves a light appears behind the corner of a wall and bounces into the room Sonic is in. The light stops just in front of Sonic.

Sonic(groggily and a little confused): Wha? Who?

The light takes the shape of the Oracle of Delphius.

Oracle: The time has come, Sonic.

Sonic(rather boredly): Yeah, yeah, whatever.

As he says this he takes the pillow from behind his head and puts it over his face.

Oracle: Sonic, your destiny awaits.

Sonic(through the pillow): Yeah, tell it to wait outside, I'm too tired to care.

Oracle: Easily remedied(sp).

He raises his hand and Sonic floats into the air, not noticing. a little spark of green light comes from the Oracle and surround Sonic for a few seconds.

Sonic(throws pillow to the side): Good morning Robotropolis! Oh yeah, I'm up!

As soon as he says this he drops back down to the sofa with an "oof!".

Sonic(confused): I'm wide awake? How'd you do that? And who ARE you?

Oracle: I am the Oracle of Delphius.

Sonic(sitting up): The what-of-who?

The Oracle then makes a table with three seats (why three when there's only two occupants we may NEVER know) appear between them.

Sonic(shaking his head in disbelief): Oh ok, I'm dreamin', right?

Oracle then sits down in the seat facing Sonic then points his fingers to the table making a big platter of chili dogs appear on the table.

Sonic(jumping off the sofa): Whoa! This dream is WAY past cool!

He then runs to the seat facing the Oracle, sits down in the seat, and proceeds to shove as many chili dogs as possible into his mouth. And he's gobling them up rather loudly too.

Oracle: Now that I have you attention, it is time you found out who YOU are, Prince Sonic.

As he says this Sonic chokes down a chili dog at the "prince" remark.

Sonic: Prince?

Oracle: Yes, Prince Sonic, and you are not alone in your quest.

Sonic: Yeah, I know, I got Unc and the other Freedom Fighters.

Oracle: You also have a brother and a sister.

At THIS remark Sonic proceeds to spit out the chili dog he had been chewing in total startlement.

Sonic: WHAT?!

We're now back with Robotnik (unfortunately). A door opens revealing Sleet and Dingo.

Robotnik: Enter, bounty hunters.

Sleet: Oh sir, thank you for seeing us, sir. How may we serve Your Royal Greatness.

As he says this the two of them walk into the room and toward Robotnik.

Sleet: Your wish is our command, sir. You have only to ask your Amazingness.

Robotnik: What I want from you is for you to swear to my service.

Sleet: Oh yes your most Powerfulness, we are deeply flattered, but uh you see, sir, we are independant contractors.

Dingo: Yeah we're in um in eh we work uh by ourselves.

Robotnik: Silence! From now on, you work for me!

As he says this he emphasizes by pointing at them(doesn't he know it's not polite to point? Oh wait, he's mannerless, nevermind).

Sleet: Oh but sir, we have other--

He is cut off by Robotnik pressing a button and firing lasers at them making them dance a little to avoid being hit.

Sleet(scared a little): Then again, uh perhaps it is time we made a-a change.

Robotnik: Excellent, I knew you'd see it my way.

As he says this he brings up footage on one of the screens of the final moments before the shield was destroyed, Sonic's fast moving blur traveling across the screen like it did in the actual scene.

Robotnik: This is the Freedom Fighter's Secret Weapon. It has plauged(sp) me for over a year and I want it found and destroyed! Do you understand?

Sleet: Leave it to us, sir. Whatever it is consider it destroyed.

(commercial break!)

We're back with Sonic and the Oracle. The Oracle is wiping the chili Sonic accidentally spat on him off of his hand.

Sonic(off screen): Sorry 'bout spitting the chili on ya, Orc. Wow, a brother and a sister! But where are they?

Oracle(still wiping the chili off): They are close, but to find them you must sing the song that is in your heart, young hedgehog.

As he's saying this the Oracle slowly starts to fade away.

Sonic: Hey whoa-whoa wait! What song? How come nobody ever says what they mean. Song in my heart? What does that mean?

By now Oracle has completely vanished and Sonic is left pondering that. As he ponders his medallion starts glowing.

Sonic: Whoa! My medallion!

He then spots his guitar and runs over to it. Picking it up he starts performing the episode's song.

"There's something missing
Something's not quite right
And I can feel it calling
To me every night"

The camera shows Sonya playing her piano and she continues the song

"A little voice inside
Tells me someone is out there
And I must never give up
Searching everywhere"

It now shows all three of them on screen in their respective areas and they continue to sing the song where they are

"(Someday)We are going to be together
(Someday)Life will be so much better
(Someday)We will build a bond no one can break
(Someday)No more dark clouds above
(Someday)United in the light of love
(Someday)The story can only end one way
We'll be together someday

(Someday)We are going to be together
(Someday)Life will be so much better
(Someday)We will build a bond no one can break, yeah
(Someday)No more dark clouds above
(Someday)United in the light of love
(Someday)The story can only end one way
We'll be together someday

Be together someday"

As the song ends all of them are shown one by one where they are respectively.

Manic(confused): What was that?

Sonya(also confused): What was that?

Sonic's medallion stops glowing and he looks up from it.

Sonic: They're out there.

We're back in Robotropolis now and the first thing we see? Why, a strange ship flying away from us. That place is full of weird ships, isn't it? Anyway, the camera shows us Robotnik's headquarters (shaped like an egg, how fitting). The camera starts to zoom in. We are now shown the inside where Sleet and Dingo are replaying the footage that had been taken of Sonic hitting the forcefield and breaking it.

Sleet(talking to the computer): Freeze frame and enlarge. How can anything go that fast?

Dingo: It uh slows down when it hits that red thing.

Sleet(slightly bewildered and amazed): Well well well, once in a while you DO come up with something, don't you?.

When he says this Dingo looks like a 5 year old who just got praise and chocolate cake.

Sleet(to computer again): Advance to point of contact. Extract image and enlarge.

As he says this a blurred (but still recognizable) figure of Sonic appears on the screen.

Sleet: Aha, it's NOT a machine.

As he says this he begins to press a few buttons on the control panel. We are then shown another image of the screen showing various backsides of different animals until it reaches Sonic (how exactly a BLUE hedgehog was put automatically into that computer we ALSO may never know). Suddenly Robotnik appears behind them, making them both gasp.


Sleet(nodding): Yes, sir. Would you like us to--

Robotnik(cutting him off): No! Dismissed!

Sleet: But your Greatness--

Robotnik(once again cutting them off): DISMISSED!

Giving up Sleet and Dingo silently walk out of the room and Robotnik walks over to the screen with Sonic's backside on it.

Robotnik(to himself 'cause he's psychotic): Hmmm, could it be them? If it is--the prophecy!

He pushes a button and a security survaylance video starts playing. In it Robotnik is in bed but is awoken by the same green light as Sonic had been visited by.

Video Robotnik: Ahhh!

Oracle then appears beside him.

Oracle: Robotnik, your days of tyranny are numbered!

Video Robotnik(unimpressed and angry): Guards--Ah!

He is cut off by the Oracle stopping him with a motion stopping green light from his hands.

Oracle: You WILL listen! One day, Queen Aleena and her three children will form the Council of Four. On that day, your reign of tyranny will end!

As he finishes saying this the survaylance video goes off and Robotnik gasps at the realization. He then goes over to the control panel and pushes a button(wouldn't be easier to have voice controlled panels?). On the screen a image of Aleena and the five year old (why five when they never knew her at 5 years old?) Sonic, Manic, and Sonya.

Robotnik(slamming his fist on the panel in anger): They're still out there!

We now see the outside of the egg-shaped building again as he finishes his sentence.

Robotnik: Then I'm declaring WAR on The Resistance!

Now the scene switches to the inside of a club place where Sonic is playing a melody on his guitar. As he plays we're shown a little ways outside where Manic and Farrell are walking back to their hideout with some bags of loot (or whatever is in there). Manic stops when he hears the melody and gasps.

Manic: I've heard that 'riff before.

As he says this his medallion begins glowing for a second. Farrell, however, is slightly confused.

Farrell(confused): 'Riff? I don't hear any music.

Manic, though, is still transfixed by the music and so gives his bag to Farrell.

Manic: Meetcha back at the hideout.

Farrell: Manic, are you ok, kid?

Manic: I'm cool, Farrell, later.

Once he says that he runs off toward the club.

We're now in another area around the club but with Sonya and her fiance, Bartleby.

Bartleby(somewhat disgusted): Good grief, Sonya, what kind of place have you brought us to?

Sonya(turns her head a bit to face him while still walking): Hush, Bartleby! I know there's a club around here somewhere and I've heard the music there REALLY rocks.

Bartleby(unenthusiastically): Simply CAN NOT wait.

As they continue to walk Sonya too hears the strange melody Sonic is playing. Her medallion, like Manic's, also begins to glow for a second.

Sonya: Hmm I know that song!

Bartleby(exasperated): WHAT song?

But Sonya starts walking away from him and toward the club.

Bartleby: Oh wonderful, you drag me to the bowells of the city to hear IMAGINARY music. (sarcastically)HOW could it get any better?

As he starts walking off screen we're taken back to the inside of the club with Sonic. He's still playing his guitar a little. Manic then walks up to him.

Manic: Mind if I sit in, dude?

Sonic watches as Manic takes his place at the drum set and hits a few of the drums a few times with his drumsticks (testing I assume). While he tests Sonya appears.

Sonya(off screen): You guys are great!

Sonya walks up to the stage, Bartleby just looking very funny like he's seen Death. Sonya then proceeds to jump up the steps and takes her place at the piano and hits a couple of keys on it. Now that all three of them are there they proceed to play a random, lyricless, but still very cool sounding, song. It's shortly interrupted, however, by some SWATbots busting in through the wall(do they EVER use doors?). Everyone in the club except them starts running in fear from the SWATbots. Sonic puts down his guitar and the other two leave their positions on their instruments to stand next to Sonic.

Sonya(confused a little): Who ARE you guys?

Sonic: We're your brothers!

Manic(to Sonic, confused too): We are?

Sonic speed to the other side of the two and grabs on of their hands.

Sonic: I'll getcha out of here! Meet me at the Public Square in two hours, I'll clue you in.

With that he speeds away with both of them in tow. We are then shown yet again the same room with the darned screens. They're showing the SWATbot raids. on one raid we see Uncle Chuck being captured by one SWATbot.

Robotnik: Monitor 1, repeat footage.

As he says this the monitor closest to him goes black a second then shows the footage of the hedgehogs playing at the club. As it zooms up--

Robotnik: Freeze! Bring up Queen Aleena's brats!

The screen switches to show head shots of Aleena, Sonic, Manic, and Sonya. The image then goes to the corner of the picture of them playing at the club.

Robotnik(off screen): execute retinal scan!

Computer: Processing...

We now see Robotnik's ugly face again with Sleet and Dingo behind him. He turns to them.

Robotnik: Your raids were very efficint, luckily for you.

Computer: Retinal scan completed.

Robotnik turns back to the computer.

Robotnik: Well?!

Computer: Retinal match confirmed for all three subjects. Probability--100%.

Robotnik: It's them! Try search against all known citizens.

We're shown the screen again.

Computer: One match only.

A picture of Sonya appears on screen.

Computer: Sonya, ward of Lady Windimere.

Robotnik(turning to Sleet and Dingo): Seize the girl and Lady Windimere too!

We're now shown the sewers (or where Manic and Farrell's hideout was). Somewhere off screen a coyote or something howls. Manic appears walking down some stairs.

Manic: Farrell!

He sees a piece of Farrell's clothing on the ground, torn or ripped off apparently. He bends down and picks it up, grasping it very tightly.

Manic: Farrell...

We're now shown Winidmere's mansion where SWATbots are in the middle of raiding the place. Inside Sonya is looking at herself in her big mirror.

SWATbot(offscreen): Citizens, you are under arrest.

Sonya gasps and walks to her door. Opening it she sees a SWATbot and Dingo grasping and carrying Lady Windimere.

Windimere: let go of me you brutes!

Sonya gasps at seeing this. Lady Windimere spots her.

Windimere: Run, Sonya, run!

Dingo(looks over at Sonya): Oooh, pretty.

The SWATbot lets go of Windimere and starts running toward Sonya.

Sonya: Oh no!

She herself starts running from the bot.

SWATbot: Halt, citizen, you are under arrest.

As the bot says this Sonya slides down some pillars to reach the ground floor and continues to run.

We're now at the Public Square where the triplets are conversing (and at the same time brooding)

Sonic: And they got my Uncle Chuck!

Sonya: We MUST find Lady Windimere!

Manic(looks down sadly at the piece of Farrell's clothing): And Farrell.

Sonic: You're right! Let's do it to it!

They proceed to give each other a group high five. Once that's done they start to go off to look for their families but are stopped by the Oracle's light. The Oracle then appears in the light.

Oracle(rather downcast): I'm sorry, young hedgehogs, I'm afraid you are too late.

As he says this he conjures up the image in the light of all three of their loved ones roboticized and slaves of Robotnik. The triplets hug each other for comfort as they each say at the same time--

Manic: Farrell!

Sonic: No!

Sonya: Windy! (I could NOT understand what she said there, that's just what it sounded like to me)

The Oracle makes the image disappear then continues talking.

Oracle: It is time for you to explore the power of your medallions.

Sonya(looking at her medallion): I always wondered why I had this.

Manic: Yeah, and why I couldn't bare to take it off.

Oracle: Are you ready to begin the journey?

Sonic: Journey? WHAT JOURNEY?! We have to fight Robotnik and--

He is cut off by the Oracle.

Oracle: And to fight him you must make this journey of discovery and bonding! You have powers within you.

Manic(shocked): We do?! (I swear I love how he says that.....)

The Oracle makes a map appear and it floats toward Sonic.

Oracle: Powers which you will need to fulfill your quest. Follow this map and remember, you must learn to work with each other. The fate of Mobius is in your hands!

Manic gasps at this. They all look at where the Oracle had been (cause he disappeared, again) for a moment in awe.

Sonya(to Sonic): And, who was that?

Sonic opens the map and looks at it.

Sonic: We got a long way to go. Come on, I'll explain on the way.

They start to walk away, Sonic and Manic holding one of Sonya's hands.

Sonya: I'm all alone now...

Sonic: Not a chance, sis.