These are the characters of the Sonic Underground universe. We salute them.

Name: (Prince) Sonic The Hedgehog
Age: 15 (16 after "Mobodoon")
Species: Hedgehog
Height: 3 foot 3
Weight: 72 pounds
Strong Points: Running
Weak Points: Swimming, his pride
Likes: Chilidogs, Running
Dislikes: Robotnik, Swimming, The word "slow", and anyone who thinks they're faster than him
Attacks: Laser(with his guitar), Triple S Spin
Instrument: Electric Guitar
Bio: Seperated from his siblings and dropped off by Aleena at a mountaineer home. He was then raised for 5 years by the mountaineer couple until SWATbots came and took them away. Before they were captured Sonic was ordered to run as fast as he could to his Uncle Chuck's. After that he was raised by Uncle Chuck and the local Resistance. At 15 he was visited by the Oracle of Delphius who told him that he was a prince and that he had a brother and a sister. With the help of his medallion and a song he was able to unite with his siblings and together they formed a band and became the Leaders of the Resistance.

Name: (Princess)Sonya The Hedgehog
Age: 15 (16 after "Mobodoon")
Species: Hedgehog
Height: 2 foot 11
Weight: That will remain a mystery
Strong Point: Fighting
Weak Point: Dirt
Likes: Music, boys, Knuckles, beauty, high living, being treated like a princess
Dislikes: Dirt, Sleet, Dingo, Robotnik, sewers, Dingo
Attacks: Laser (with keyboard), Smoke Screen (with keyboard), Karate and other forms of fighting
Instrument: Synthesycer (a.k.a keyboard)
Bio: Seperated from her brothers as an infant, Aleena dropped her off on the doorstep of a very rich woman named Lady Windimere. She was raised like royalty for 15 years until the day she met her brothers and SWATbots came and took Lady Windimere away. She's engadged to Nobleman Bartleby but since meeting her brothers has not seen much of him.

Name: (Prince) Manic The Hedgehog (my favorite one!)
Age: 15 (16 after "Mobodoon")
Species: Hedgehog
Height: 3 foot 1
Weight: 66 pounds
Strong Point: Stealing
Weak Point: Not Stealing
Likes: Drumming, kids, stealing, sewers
Dislikes: Robotnik, being told not to steal, people who say sewers are disgusting (he takes offense to it)
Attacks: Earthquake (with drums), Laser (with drums), Drumstick Boomerang
Special Talents: Great lockpicker, knows how to hack, can build stuff given the right tools
Instrument: Drums
Bio: Seperated from siblings as an infant. He was dropped off at the doorstep of an old lady by Aleena but as soon as his mom left the scene and before the door could be opened he was stolen right off the doorstep by a rat. He was then taken to a thief named Farrell who raised Manic until he was 15. During his life on the streets he learned how to be a thief himself and knows his way very well around Robotropolis. He mainly lived in the sewers and takes offense when someone says that sewers are yucky. He's very sensitive and has a good heart, and a soft spot for kids.

Name: Queen Aleena
Age: N/A, somewhere in her early 40's or late 30's I'm guessing
Species: Hedgehog
Height: 4 foot 1
Weight: Secret
Likes: Peace, her children
Dislike: Robotnik, being seperated from her children
Bio: Overthrown by Robotnik just after her children were born. Forced into hiding she cared for her children until the Oracle of Delphius revealed a prophecy to her. But in order for the prophecy to come true she had to make the ultimate sacrifice. For the prophecy to be fulfilled she had to give up and seperate her children. Determined to stop Robotnik's tyranny she had no choice but to do that. After seperating them she went back into hiding and watched from afar all three of them grow up in their respective homes. After her children were reunited she kept watch over them from a distance still, waiting and longing for the day she would finally be able to reunite with them herself.

Name: Oracle of Delphius (or "Oracle" or as Sonic calls him, "Orc")
Age: We may never know....
Species: I think he's a slug or.....something....
Height: No clue
Weight: *spooky, high pitched voice*It makes you wonder...
Likes: Judging by what I've seen, it appears he likes teleporting out of places rather than walking
Dislikes: Doesn't really seem to not like anything. Except Robotnik perhaps
Weapon: Magic and, don't forget, Teleportation!
Bio: Not much is known about the Oracle. Just that he lives in a cave in the Northern Plains and that he's a seer. He's the one that revealed the ancient prophecy to Queen Aleena after her children were born. Currently he hides from Robotnik just as the queen does and every now and then will assist the young hedgehogs on their quest.

Name: Dr. Ivo Robotnik
Age: OLD, really really OLD. Like 50 something
Species: Human, isn't it obvious?
Height: 5 foot 7
Weight: He's probably over 300 pounds. I mean, just look at him!
Strong Point: His IQ (300 though he doesn't seem THAT smart)
Weak Point: Everything he makes can be easily broken by Sonic and his sibs. Plus he NEVER acts his age (old geezer)
Likes: Robots, tyranny, and robotisizing innocent little animals (evil mad man!)
Dislikes: Sonic, hedgehogs, peace, freedom, fun, traitors, The Resistance
Weapon: Whatever he builds IS a weapon(can someone say Hitler/Saddam?)
Bio: He was rescued by the King and Sir Charles Hedgehog (Uncle Chuck) when they found him outside the kingdom. He was made a Warlord for the Mobian Army when they fought the Great War against Overlanders. It was at this time that he stole the throne away from Queen Aleena and spread tyranny throughout the planet. Some years later the Oracle of Delphius visited him and revealed the Prophecy of the Ancients to him, saying that someday his reign of tyranny would end. When he discovered that the queen and her children (or brats as he calls them) were still alive he declared war on The Resistance and since that day has been hunting for the triplets and their mom, hoping to eradicate them before the prophecy can come true.

Name: Sleet and Dingo
Age: Not known
Species: Wolf(Sleet) & Jackel(Dingo)
Height: 4 foot 11(Dingo) & 5 foot 1(Sleet)
Weight: We may never know, Dingo seems to be pretty heavy though
Likes: Bounty Hunting, power, riches, Sonya(Dingo)
Dislikes: Hedgehogs, Sonic, The Resistance, Sonya(Sleet)
Weapon: Dingo (Sleet can transform him with a little remote thing)
Bio: They were hired by Robotnik to eradicate the hedgehogs after he found out they were still alive and reunited. Compared to Dingo, Sleet's smart and sneaky. Dingo's a little slow to realize things, however, but there are a few times where he'll think of something smart. Dingo amazingly has proven a few times that he actually HAS feelings, one famous example being his puppy dog crush on Sonya.

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