So, you want to be a staff member, eh? We'd love to have some more help so if you feel up for the responsibility and job, please read below for further detail.

The Rules

Yes, there are rules to becoming a staff member here! They aren't very hard to comply to and most people should be able to fit the bill of all of them.

- You NEED to be trustworthy! Part of the reason I was a one-girl show for a while was because I'm not a person who tends to immediately trust people. I absolutely must have your honest and true word that I can trust you with access to the site (because sadly it's all under one name >__<) so please, if you can comply to this rule I expect you to keep it and not betray my trust (because if you do you can ensure never getting it back again).
- You have to like Inuyasha, Sonic, or both of them, otherwise why would you even be wasting the time applying?
- You need to know at LEAST basic HTML! You don't have to know a whole lot (unless you want to), but you should probably at least know the basics of it (and if you are accepted you could take a look at the pages HTML to try and learn a little if you can). Search Google and you're bound to find some tutorials out there.
- You need to have a messenger. Preferabbly MSN, but if you have AIM that works too (I don't mind being on both messengers at once). This is so I can remain in constant contact with you to better relay thoughts and stuff, which brings me to the next rule.
- You have to be friendly! I need to be able to easily get along with you and be your buddy, I don't like to talk to people who are distant and not all that friendly, so please just try to be friends with me, I'm not that hard to be friends with.
- You should be able to make a few updates at least every once in a while. I may make the majority of updates on the site but if your position adds something to the site (like an Image creator and HTML Master) please make a note of it on the appropiate Section. You could also add a secondary update to the Splash page to notify which Section was directly updated but that's dependent on you, if you don't I'll do it for you but don't make me always do it a lot.
- Try to keep your language clean, I permit you putting "damn" or "hell" where needed (like in some updates) but don't say much more than that, I want to keep this site at least PG.
- Please try to be responsible and mature. Staffing a site is fun, and it should be, but it still has responsibility to it! You need to be mature and factful when writing content and especially when writing an Update. Responsible and mature people don't speak in 1337 all the time and spell out words.
- You should probably also be prepared to be hounded by me if you're not doing anything. I know other people have lives and I respect that, but I have a very annoying and rather uncontrollable quirk to hound people who aren't doing something I ask them to do. It's fine if it takes you a few weeks to make X amount of images or to code something, but please try not to take three months.

Those are the only rules for now, so if you think you're up for it see below for the current spots opened!

Your Job: To co-operate with me in matters that involve the entire site. This includes, but is not limited to, requesting affiliation from other sites, arranging contests, arranging awards and keeping everything in check. Whoever does this job must always report back to me, the Webmaster, and ask my permission on things before acting on them. Position: Open

HTML Master
Your Job: To be extremely skilled in HTML and/or Javascript and willingly be able to work with me to make things like layouts and the like.
Position: Open (unless Ice magically comes back from the dead)

Comic Master
Your Job: To be able to have access to the Sonic Comics (older or newer than the current ones that are on the Scans page) and be able to scan the covers (and maybe one page) to add to the Scans page of the Sonic Section.
Position: Open

News Checker
Your Job: To be able to check on recent news for either Section and be relay it accurately to me for reporting in Updates.
Position: Open

Image Master
Your Job: To be responsible for making any and all images that appear on the site. This includes, but is not limited to, avatars, banners, buttons, dividers, and wallpapers. Position: Open

Those are the current positions open for grabs, if you feel up to it and feel you comply with the rules send me an e-mail!