Angel Island

First Appearence: Sonic The Hedgehog 3

Angel Island is the floating Island in the sky over the Ocean a little off the coast of Station Square. Angel Island is also the home of Knuckles The Echidna and the Master Emerald. The island floats due to the power of the Master Emerald. It is said that the island became a float long ago by the anchient echidna race, the ones that survived Chaos' rampage that is. To this day if the Master Emerald is removed from the island completely the Island falls into the ocean causeing a huge tidal wave.

Station Square

First Appearence: Sonic Adventure

Station Square is the city that Eggman always tries to take over. I mean really, he must be obsessed with it or something. Sonic and friends also live in Station Square (with the exception of Tails, Big, and Knuckles). This town is also a busy and bustling town of humans and furries alike. It's so nice seeing furries and humans liveing and working together in harmony^_^.

Mystic Ruins

First Appearence: Sonic Adventure

The Mystic Ruins is a marshy, desert-jungle area that is home to ancient ruins. It's also home to Big The Cat and everyone's favorite little fox, Tails. Mystic Ruins is connected to Station Square by train. This place is also bustleing with many archeologists bent on discovering the secrets of those ancient ruins in the jungle area. Let's hope someday they make history, but for now, they're no where close.


First Appearence: Sonic The Hedgehog (Next-Gen)

Soleanna is a water-filled city ruled by a monarchy. It is in this lively city that the Flames of Disaster lie and where ten years ago a horrifying accident happened.


First Appearence: AoSTH

Mobius is the planet on which Sonic and friends lived. The place was normally used first in the very early Sonic games as well as the early TV series (AoSTH, SatAM, and SU). The comic universes also use this planet as the setting and home of Sonic, Archie is most known for its continued use today.
Mobius is a planet much like Earth, only the humans that live there are known as Overlanders while the anthros like Sonic are known as Mobians.