This page contains extra misc things for the anime Sonic X. These are now avaliable to download and I will be adding a few more clips, though not an extensive collection. Enjoy!


Sonic Drive (Season 1)

Sonic Drive (Season 2, Japanese only subtitles)

Sonic Drive (Season 2 w/ English subtitles)

Sonic Drive (French Edition, a.k.a "what-America-needs-to-do")


Mi-Ra-I Ending

Hikaru Michi Ending

T.O.P Ending

Clips (Japanese only version with subs)

Final Hazard's Defeat + Shadow's Sorrowful Farewell

Sonic and Shadow's First Fight

Knuckles and Sonic's Fight (Episode 5)

Annoying Brat (Episode 5)

A Beautiful Place (Episode 5)

Knuckles' Tikal Vision

Best Song/SonAmy Moment EVER (Episode 52)

Sonic Has NO Emeralds! (Episode 53 SUBBED, funny clip)

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