After a Chaos Control accident during an infiltration on Eggman's base, Sonic and friends are teleported to another planet, Earth. There, Sonic meets a young boy named Chris. As Eggman plans to take over this new world Sonic searches out his friends who were seperated from him when Chaos Control happened. Can Sonic and his friends, old and new, stop Eggman from taking over Chris' planet and get Sonic and the others back home?

Sonic Drive- Japanese Theme Song

Characters - The characters

Screenshots - Episode Screenshots, what more can I say?

Episode Guide - Episode guide, simple

Voice Actors - The people behind the voices

Lyrics - Lyrics for the different songs

The Third Season - The season so weird, it deserved its own page

Episode Summaries - Episodes condensed into summaries

Airdates - Airdates of the episodes

Episode Scripts - Scripts according to the Japanese version of the series

Extra Stuff - Extra misc stuff such as episode clips (Japanese version is all I provide, I can't STAND the English ones), openings/endings, and other things

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