Sonic Next-Gen has come and gone, but there are still some questions it left in its wake. This page chronicles all known questions about the game that it left unanswered. Warning: This page may contain spoilers!

  1. Is Silver the only person in the future other than Blaze who has cool powers?
  2. Was Silver's story before or after Sonic Rush?
  3. Is Sonic the ONLY one who remembers what happened?
  4. What ARE Mephiles and Iblis?
  5. When the bloody hell did Mephiles get fused with Shadow?
  6. Why does Mephiles want Shadow to join him when Mephiles could fuse with Iblis without Shadow?
  7. How do Silver and Blaze know Mephiles in the future?
  8. Why would Silver and Blaze trust someone with green, snake-like eyes?
  9. Where do Silver and Blaze live in the future if everything in the city is too dangerous to even live in?
  10. Was that kiss REALLY necessary?
  11. Where exactly did Mephiles get those records that showed Sonic was presumably the Iblis Trigger?
  12. Why does Mephiles require the Chaos Emeralds to fuse with Iblis when they could probably do that without them?
  13. If that flame at the end was the original Solaris then how did Iblis and Mephiles get made?
  14. How was Omega still intact after 200 years of being inactive in a burning city?
  15. Why does Eggman's base change every game?

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