Sonic The Hedgehog
The dude with the 'tude is back, and this time he's saving a Princess! After Eggman kidnaps Elise, heir to the throne of Soleanna, to unlock the "Flames of Disaster" Sonic takes it upon himself to do what heroes do best, save the damsel and save the world. However, there's a new hog in town who threatens to stop Sonic at all costs. Why does he want to stop Sonic? What's all this about an Iblis Trigger?

Sonic sports the same moves as ever: homing attack, spindash, breakdance moves, all that good stuff.

Silver The Hedgehog
Introducing the newest member of the Sonic crew! Silver is a hedgehog from the future come to stop a cataclysmic event that Sonic apparently triggers. He may not be as fast as Sonic, or like Amy can't even do a spin dash or roll up, but he CAN use psychic powers to hurtle 100 ton enemies into a nearby building. He's a young hedgehog from what we've been told (we're guessing 14-16) and has a sense of justice in his personality. We don't know much more than that about him.

He can do almost anything with his psychic abilities, this includes give you endless amount of pleasure doing just about anything with the environment around you. With his abilities Silver can hover for a short amount of time, pick up objects with his mind, bend metal bars, and even stop bullet fire and fire it back at the bot who shot it! What is this, "The Matrix" or something?

Shadow the Hedgehog
What the heck?! What's Shadow doing here?! Yup folks, he's in the game alright, and playable! His purpose though, underwraps and up for anyones guess. From what we've seen of Shadow he now sports a pimped up jeep that has, what else, weapons of mass destruction on them! Nah, they're just cannons....I think. Regardless though, Shadow is a main character and it will be very interesting seeing how he ties into the story.

Princess Elise
Another new face, probably one we'll never see again. This is Elise, princess of Soleanna and holder of a dark secret. Eggman kidnapped her in order to obtain this secret from her so he can use the Chaos Emeralds to unlock said secret. What that secret is and how exactly it's unlocked we'll have to wait and see.

Dr. Eggman
What does the good doctor have in store for us this time around? Whatever it is, it involves kidnapping a princess and something called "The Flames of Disaster". Oh, and the Chaos Emeralds.

Basically, the good doctor is trying once again to take over the world. Will he actually succeed this time? Who knows.

More info is being gathered on this character with each passing day.

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