North America UK Xbox 360 PS3
Publisher: Sega
Developer: Sonic Team
Genre: Adventure
Players: 1-2
Release Date(NA): November 2006
Release Date(Japan): 2006
Release Date(Europe): 2006
In the water city of Soleanna a festival is going on. Soon though, Eggman comes blabbering about the "Flames of Disaster" and how he wants the secrets to it AND the miracle gems that are the key to its secrets. He then kidnaps the princess of Soleanna who possesses a Chaos Emerald of her own. It is now up to Sonic to find and save the princess while stopping whatever insane plan Eggman thought of this time. But, he meets a challenge along the way. A hedgehog named Silver who comes from the future stands between him and saving the princess (and therefore the world). This new hedgehog calls Sonic the "Iblis Trigger" and stops at nothing to stop Sonic from saving the princess. Why has he come to stop Sonic? What is Iblis? Why is Sonic this supposed "Iblis Trigger"? All will be revealed in due time.

Characters-- The characters you see in the game

Official Artwork-- Concept art and official photos made for the game

Screenshots-- Screen grabs of the game

Movies/Music-- Trailers and Music from the game

Questions-- Any and all questions the game left in our minds at its end

Multiplayer/In-Game Features-- What's a game without features?

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