Way back in 1991 (hey! The year I was born! Lucky me! yay!) Sonic was newly born into the world on July 28th. With the grand debut of his first ever game self titled Sonic The Hedgehog. Sonic was instantly a big hit and got many fans (2 were my brother and I). Since then Sonic has premiered in a number of different games about him and his friends. Over time new friends appeared with each new game. This is a timeline of all Sonic games released and to be released. Enjoy.

Sonic The Hedgehog--released in 1991
Sonic The Hedgehog 2--released in 1992
Sonic Spinball--released in 1993
Sonic Chaos--released in 1993
Sonic CD--released in 1993
Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine--released in 1993
Sonic The Hedgehog 3--released in 1994
Sonic & Knuckles--released in 1994
Tails and the Music Maker--released in 1994
Sonic Triple Trouble--released in 1994
Tails Adventure--released in 1995
Knuckles' Chaotix--released in 1995
Sonic 3D Blast--released in 1996
Sonic Compilation--released in 1997
Sonic Jam--released in 1997
Sonic R--released in 1997
Sonic Adventure--released in 1999
Sonic Shuffle--released in 2000
Sonic Adventure 2--released in 2001
Sonic Advance--released in 2002
Sonic Mega Collection--released in 2002
Sonic Advance 2--released in 2003
Sonic N--released in 2003
Sonic Advance 3--released in 2004
Sonic Heroes--released in 2004
Sonic Battle--released in 2004
Shadow The Hedgehog--released in 2005
Sonic Gems Collection--released in 2005
Sonic Rush--released in 2005
Sonic Riders--released in 2006
Sonic The Hedgehog(360/PS3)--released in 2006
Sonic Rivals--released in 2006
Sonic and the Secret Rings--released in 2007
Sonic Rush Adventure--released in 2007
Sonic Rivals 2--released in 2007
Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood--released 2008
Sonic Unleashed--released in 2008/09
Sonic and the Black Knight--released in 2009