Wii (USA) Wii (Australia) Wii (UK)
Publisher: Sega
Developer: Sonic Team
Genre: Adventure
Release Date(NA): February 20, 2007
Release Date(Japan): March 15, 2007
Release Date(Europe): March 2, 2007
Another new Next-Gen title to go alongside the 360/PS3 game. Sonic and the Secret Rings marks Sonic's first debut on the Nintendo Wii. The story is based somewhat on Arabian Nights. Sonic is trapped in a book and must find the missing pages to complete the book and get out of said book, while trying to not die and save the book world from an evil genie. Yeah.

Characters-- Yes indeedy, we give ya the characters, magic lamp and all

Screenshots-- Ever wanted to see a female genie Sonic Team's way? Come here, then!

Music/Trailers-- The ever so awesome soundtrack or video, you decide

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