Publisher: Sega
Developer: Sega of Japan
Genre: Platformer
Release Date(NA): November 19, 1993
Release Date(Japan): September 23, 1993
Release Date(Europe): October 1, 1993
Sonic CD was the first of many things. It was the first game to ever feature Amy Rose and Metal Sonic's debut to the series as well as the first game to include Time Travel. Essentially, Sonic must travel to a planet that only visits Mobius every once in a long while. While on this rare moon-like planet, Sonic meets the obsessive female hedgehog Amy. The meeting is cut short, however, by Metal Sonic who appears and snatches Amy away. It is now up to Sonic to save Amy, stop Robotnik's take over of the Little Planet, and make good futures all across the planet via the Time Stones!

Characters-- Behold the characters

Screenshots-- Snapshots in time

Official Art-- Classic pieces of promotion value

Music/Movies-- Songs and the High-Q anime sequences only this game had!

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