Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog (or AoStH as it is more commonly known as), was a totally different series than SatAM. Although some of the characters in SatAM WERE in the series (Sonic of course and Sally too), this series was based somewhat more off the comics and games (mixed you could say). Don't get me wrong, Robotnik STILL attempted at taking over the world, that part has and never will change. Of course, Robotnik isn't without his lackies, only this time it's not Snively, no insted it is two of the most idiotic robots you've ever met. But they're still hilarious with their stupidity. The Freedom Fighters still try to stop Robotnik and go on many adventures in this series.

Characters- The characters that appeared in the series.

Episode Guide- The guide of all the hilarious episodes.

Screenshots- Screenshots of the episodes.

Episode Summaries- The episodes in summarized form!

Voice Actors- The wonderful people who voiced the characters.

Airdates- Listings of the dates each episode premiered.

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