Publisher: Sega
Developer: Sonic Team
Genre: Racing
Release Date(NA): November 16, 2006
Release Date(Japan): December 1, 2006
Release Date(Europe): December 1, 2006
As if Sonic Riders wasn't already the racing genre game of the year, Sonic Team decided to throw us another one. This time on the ever-so-over-priced Sony PSP. This game features a 2D axis (side scroller, for you non-game savy people) with 3D environments. Impossible combo? Maybe. This game features Silver The Hedgehog as one of the playable characters, meaning he's officially not a one-time character.

Characters-- Select your racer

Screenshots-- Wanna see the game in frames?

Music/Trailers-- Take your pick^_^

Extra Stuff-- Cheats, tricks, secret costumes, the works

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