This was one of my contributions to the Summer of Sonic event for Sonic's 15th.

A Real Hero

What is a hero?
Someone in a red cape?
Some guy who goes around by night?
Someone who uses web like tape?

Sure, they may be heroes
Old ones at that
But will they ever be seen running
Alongside a purple cat?

How about destroying a robot factory?
Made by the evilest of minds
Or stopping a space station disaster
Just to save man kind

Real heroes don't wear capes
They don't shoot webs
Or pick a time of day
Real heroes will save us
No matter what people say

They won't need a secret identity
They won't need to save by night
They won't need spider powers
And lordy they certaintly don't need
Those weird, flashy tights!

It doesn't matter how
It doesn't matter when
It doesn't matter why
It only matters then

They come in all colors
All shapes and size
They don't have to be human
To bring about evil's demise

They won't need a special tonic
To make their special powers
One thing is certain, and I know this is true
They'll never be cool
Like that fast Sonic blue!