As some of you may know, SatAM only lasted 2 seasons. After that we all assumed it was over because it mysteriously disappeared off the face of ABC and was replaced by Power Rangers.

Folks, that perception is untrue through its teeth. I'll tell you what really happened to SatAM, and why it suddenly disappeared.

Back in 1993 (or some year later) SatAM had just finished the release of the final episode of the 2nd season, "Doomsday". As far as most Sonic fans knew it at that time that was the last they ever saw of the famous cartoon (I myself have only a brief vivid memory of the last part in the final episode). It was only a few years later that we all learned what had really happened to the show that we enjoyed getting up every Saturday morning to watch. Here's what really happened:

There have been numerous rumors on what happened that day. One of them was that DIC got a new president who took the show off the air because it was "unfit". While others state that Fox's Power Rangers show beat the show with ratings and shoved it off the air because of low ratings. And others said it was ABC's constant changing of SatAM's schedule to come on that confused so many people that they missed the show all together thus bringing the ratings down. I'm sure the rumors don't stop there but those are the only ones I have seen.

But despite those rumors it appears someone got in contact with the maker of the series and asked what the big deal was. This, as I heard, was his reply:

"We apologize but Sonic The Hedgehog was cancelled. Fox beat us in ratings and thus we had no choice but to cancel it. We had planned to make a 3rd season to answer the question of 'Who's eyes were those at the end of Doomsday?'."

According to Sonic HQ, Ben Hurst, the guy who wrote a lot of the episodes of the 2nd season, said this in a sonic Mailinglist in response to the questions of who the eyes belong to and where the cartoon would've gone had what happened not have happened. His response was simply this: First of all, the eyes belonged to someone completely unexpected! No, it was not Metal Sonic OR Knuckles insted it was......Ixis Naugus! Yes, the eyes belonged to him! To sum all that would've happened, Snively would try to take over Robotropolis but fail then would try to release Naugus from The Void where he was torturing Robotnik (and by the looks of things, he was having quite a fun time with it, XD), so he frees Naugus but being Snively he also releases, by accident, King Acorn and Robotnik.

Naugus then assumes control of Robotropolis, with Robotnik as his lackey ultimately reducing Snively to a nobody. With no where else to go, he turns to the Freedom Fighters. Ben then went on to say that more developments would've been put into the series such as: the origins of Robotnik and Snively, as well as the development of the relationship between Sonic and Tails moving closer to the Game relationship that the series strayed away from, we would've also been able to see more action with the FF's. That all would've been what we could've looked forward to, if only Power Rangers had minded their own buisness.......

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