Inuyasha and Co. travel to MANY places over the face of Feudal Japan. These are the descriptions of some of those places.

Sunset Shrine

This is the home where Kagome lives (in her time that is). Her home is a sacred place, so her grandfather always says, and also has the Bone Eater's Well and the Goshin Boku Tree upon the property.

Goshin Boku Tree

Also known as the God Tree, this tree is over 500 years old and is where Kikyo sealed Inuyasha for 50 years. This is also the same tree that sits in Kagome's yard at home and is where she and Inuyasha met.

Bone Eater's Well

This well is the well that connects Kagome's world with Inuyasha's world. This is the same well that is on her family's shrine and the one Mistress Centipede pulled her into when she first entered Inuyasha's world. A long time ago, the bones of demons would be dropped into the well only later to disappear--hence why it is called the Bone Eater's Well.