Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Kin: Souta, Mom, Grampa
Likes: Inuyasha, The Feudal Era, her friends, her family
Dislikes: School, schoolwork, homework, tests, her brother, Inuyasha's temper and stubborness, Naraku

Kagome Higorashi was your average, normal 15 year old girl, that is until she fell into the well that her family watched over. When she climbed out she found herself in Feudal Japan.

Seeing the God Tree, the tree on her family's shrine, she started to head toward it thinking she was almost home. When she got there, however, she saw Inuyasha pinned to the tree. Not feeling fear for the fact he had dog ears (strangely), she immediately liked them and resisted the urge to touch them.

Shortly after some villagers found her and started shooting arrows at her, thinking she was intending to free Inuyasha from the arrow spell. The villagers took her, tied up, to the village nearby whilest spectators talked amongst themselves around her about demons and such.

Kaede then appeared, under the impression that Kagome was a demon, and started to throw exorcising powder (rice?) at her. When Kagome convinced her she was not a demon Kaede noticed that Kagome bared a strong resemblance to her dead sister, Kikyo.

During the battle with Mistress Centipede, Kagome released Inuyasha from the God Tree and was saved by him. In that same battle, the Sacred Jewel was released from her body, proof that she was indeed the reincarnation of the dead priestess.

After Inuyasha was placed under the subdueing spell, a Carrion Crow demon came and stole the Jewel. While attempting to get it back, Kagome accidentally shattered the Shikon, resulting in it shattering into hundreds of thousands of pieces and an irate Inuyasha.

She keeps the Jewel Of Four Souls collected shards with her. She and Inuyasha have mixed feelings for each other, but it's going to be a really long time until they both admit it to themselves and each other.


Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Kin: None alive
Likes: Women(duh), Sango, and women
Dislikes: Naraku, his curse, people calling him a perverted monk(even though he is one)

Miroku is a Buddhist monk who joys himself in perverted thoughts and groping women's bottoms.

Before he joined the group, he was simply a traveling monk searching for Naraku and performing fake exorcisms to get money and loot a house (if the house belonged to a wealthy Lord).

He carries a void in his right hand that was started by his grandfather and brought upon his family by Naraku. The cursed void grows every year and will eventually swallow him up unless he destroys Naraku.

Although he is the "oldest" of the group, he tends to act somewhat immature unless certain situations arise where he acts as a source of reason and understanding.


Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Kin: Kohaku
Likes: Miroku, her weapon, her brother, Kilala, her friends
Dislikes: Naraku, anyone who stands in her way, and Miroku's groping

Sango is a demon slayer from a hidden village of demon slayers. One day, a spider demon attacked a village and the best of her village, herself and her brother included, were sent to slay it.

However the whole thing had been a trap and the demon Naraku took control of her little brother, Kohaku, in order to slay the villagers and slayers and almost killing her.

When Naraku released Kohaku from his mind control, some guards shot arrows at him making him die with his sister crying beside him.

Although first thought dead, Sango was hellbent on revenge and refused to die, bursting out of the grave that she had been buried in outside the back of the village Lord's palace.

The castle Lord, who was really Naraku possessing the Lord's body, nursed her back to health and introduced her to a puppet of Naraku (unbeknownst to her that it was a mere puppet).

The puppet lied to her about the slaughter of the villagers in her home village, saying that it was Inuyasha who killed her friends and villagers back home. With pure hatred, she accepted the Jewel shard the Naraku puppet gave her to put in her back so she could not get hurt in her fight.

Once that was done she went out seeking Inuyasha to avenge her village. When she finally found Inuyasha, Kagome, Shippo, and Miroku she challenged Inuyasha to a battle, with the puppet watching nearby.

Losing to Inuyasha, the jewel shard came out of her back and her wounds from the battle she just fought took affect. Nursing her back to health, Kagome convinced her that it was Naraku who really killed her family and village.

Now seeking revenge against Naraku, she joined the Inuyasha group in their search for the Sacred Jewel shards and Naraku.

She has hidden feelings for Miroku but doesn't appreciate the gropes he gives her. Each time he gropes her she either slaps him, hits him with her giant boomerang, Hiraikotsu, or beats the living daylights out of him.

She also doesn't like the fact that each time he sees a pretty girl he asks that girl to "bare his child". The usual result is mostly her dragging him away or hitting him unconcious then dragging him away.

She has a pet cat demon named Kilala who can transform into a bigger version that's suitable for transportation and battle.


Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: Her age tends to vary between 9 and 12 (depending on people's thoughts and other profiles)
Kin: None alive
Likes: Sesshomaru, Jaken, Au and Un, traveling with Sesshomaru
Dislikes: Long stories

Rin is a little girl who looked after Sesshomaru when he was injured during a fight with Inuyasha. She held no fear for the fact he was a demon and refused to leave him despite his obvious distaste for her help.

When she left to return to her village her village was attacked by wolf demons, resulting in her and the villagers being killed. Shortly thereafter, Sesshomaru stumbled upon the destroyed village and used Tenseiga for the first time to revive her.

She now accompanies Sesshomaru and Jaken and treats them like family, resulting in the idea that humans (such as bandits) are much scarier than demons.