NOTE: I calculate demon years by aging 1 human year every 10 years. This means that a demon who in human years would be 8 would really be 80 years old in demon years. This system may be different than how it really is, but that's just how I calculate it.

Another Note: I tend to not leave a lot of stuff out, so some profiles may hold spoilers to the series that will not be marked. You are reading these at your own risk if you have not seen a lot of the series.


Human Half-Demon Demon

Species: Half-demon
Gender: Male
Age: 15 (150 in demon years)
Family: Inunotaisho (father, deceased), Izayoi (mother, deceased), Sesshomaru (half-brother)
Likes: Fighting, Kagome, Kikyo, ramen (Japanese instant noodles, they're delicious!), his mother
Dislikes: Sesshomaru, Naraku, anyone who stands in his way, being sat, being called a half-breed(and every other variation of the word), being stuck in human form when there's a battle, hot food(it burns his tongue), Koga
Weapons: Tetsusaiga and his claws

Inuyasha is a half-demon who lives in the Feudal Era. As a half-demon he was not accepted by neither demons nor humans and thus had to live his life alone and afraid. His father, the great dog demon Inunotaisho, died protecting his mother and himself as an infant. His mom was the only human who ever accepted him but after her death he had no one but his full demon brother, who despised him for just being born.

Because of his childhood, Inuyasha is not very trusting and comes across as brash, cold, and kind of a jerk. However, all that was changed one day when he met a village priestess named Kikyo. It was at this time that he first fell in love, Kikyo returning the same feelings. Their happiness was short lived, however, when a demon named Naraku acted out a plot to get the Jewel of Four Souls. This plot made them betray one another (to them it seemed) ultimately resulting in Inuyasha sealed to the Sacred God Tree and Kikyo losing her life immediately after.

Inuyasha then remained stuck to the tree for fifty years until he met Kagome, Kikyo's reincarnation, who released him from his seal. However, upon his reawakening he desired the Jewel to become a full demon, the Jewel being found inside of Kagome upon her arrival in the Feudal Era.

After chasing the frightened Kagome for a while and attempting to claw her, Kaede, Kikyo's younger sister, placed rosary beads around his neck and told Kagome to say a "word of subjugation", the word chosen being "Sit". Now everytime Kagome says that word his face becomes implanted in the ground until the effect wears off. It's a spell used to calm his spirits and the beads can only be removed by Kagome.

Later on the now recovered Jewel accidentally gets shattered by Kagome trying to kill a Carrion Crow demon that stole the Jewel. This starts the two on their search for the Jewel Shards.

At first, Inuyasha doesn't like Kagome because of her resemblance to Kikyo, but over time he begins to see her as her own person rather than just Kikyo's reincarnation, and begins to fall in love with her as he did with Kikyo (though he won't admit it).

Because he is a half-demon, Inuyasha has one night out of the whole month that he becomes a human. That night is the night of the new moon and on that night he loses his fangs, claws, demonic power, his ears disappear to be replaced by human ears, and his hair turns black. In this state he can be very easily killed, which is why that night must be kept secret from his enemies. He returns to being a half-demon once the sun rises the next morning.

When his life is in danger and he has the will to live his demon blood begins to overflow and he transforms into a full demon. In this state he can not tell between friend or foe and kills with a thirst for blood. Sometimes the effect will wear off on its own but often it takes either Kagome, Tetsusaiga or being sat to get him back to normal. Everytime he transforms into a full demon he loses a little bit more of his human heart.


Species: Flea Demon
Gender: Male
Age: Old, older than Sesshomaru
Family: His mom (shown in middle picture)
Likes: Sucking blood, offering advice and wisdom, running from danger
Dislikes: Being called a coward for running away from battles, being squashed
Weapons: None, although his ability to suck a lot of blood can help in removing toxic poisons

Myouga is Inuyasha's servant, much like how Jaken is Sesshomaru's loyal servant. He was once the advisor and servant of Inuyasha's father and now offers advice and information to the hanyou and friends on their many adventures.

He is not one to fight and often tends to abandon the scene of battle as soon as it starts to get dangerous, much to Inuyasha's annoyance. However he is usually on the side lines or comes back soon after when the battle is done.


Species: Fox Demon
Gender: Male
Age: 7 (70 in Demon years)
Family: All deceased
Likes: Kagome, his friends, crayons, coloring, using his trickary magic to trick foes and save others
Dislikes: When Inuyasha hits him, being yelled at, anyone who tries to hurt him, scary situations
Weapons: Fox Fire magic, his teeth

Shippo is a young demon whose parents were killed by the Thunder Brothers, Hiten and Mantin. He seeked the Shikon Jewel to exact revenge and ended up stealing the few shards Inuyasha and Kagome had.

In the end, his family was avenged, thanks to Inuyasha's help, but now he was an orphan and decided to follow along with the small group. Over time, and as Miroku and Sango joined the group, all of them became like a second family to him and he often thinks of Kagome as his adoptive mother.

He has a bright and honest personality and will often speak what he has in mind, which sometimes gets him a few lumps on the head from Inuyasha's fist. Although he is young and a child in demon age, he is far more knowledgable that his age would suggest and often acts as a spokesman for everyone's feelings. This means that when Kagome is mad at Inuyasha and goes home and Inuyasha isn't sure what to really do, he will often be the one that encourages him to either give her some time or to go after her. The same applies for the rest of the group.

Shippo isn't very strong and often has to rely on his Fox Fire magic and trickary to do anything. He has the ability to transform into things which has proved to help out as another means of transportation and has managed to save his friends every now and then.

Kilala (Kirara)

Species: Cat Demon
Gender: Female
Age: N/A
Family: None
Likes: Sango, helping, sleeping
Dislikes: Anyone who threatens her or her friends
Weapons: Teeth and claws

Kilala is Sango's pet cat demon. She is usually found in her smaller, kitten-like form but she can willfully transform into a larger, saber-toothed version of herself that she uses for fighting and travel. In her large form she is able to fly at will which often makes her the vessel of choice for Sango, Miroku, and sometimes Shippo. Her adorable kitten form is a source of relaxation to the group and tends to ease them after a major battle.

It is thought that she is the same cat demon who fought alongside Midoriko, the creator of the Jewel of Four Souls, but no one knows for sure.

Koga (Kouga)

Species: Wolf Demon
Gender: Male
Age: 15 (150 years)
Family: The Wolf-Demon Tribe (large majority slain by Kagura), Hakkaku (remaining tribe), Ginta (remaining tribe)
Likes: Kagome, running, and fighting
Dislikes: Anyone who betrays the Pack, Kagura, Naraku, Inuyasha (to a degree), Ayame's forwardness with him
Weapons: Kicks, Striking with fists, speed, comrades, sword (rarely used, if ever)

Koga is the young leader of the Wolf Demon Tribe. He has a wild nature and is quick to act before thinking up a plan. He possesses three Shikon Shards; one in his arm, two in his legs. The shards in his legs enhance his natural speed making him almost invisable.

At one time his pack was very large and consisted of many other male wolf demons. However, in a trap set by Naraku to get him to kill Inuyasha, Kagura killed all his remaining comrades except two and a few normal wolves. The trap almost worked as Inuyasha had been standing in the field when Koga arrived, but the fight was stopped by Kagome.

Koga openly shows his affections towards Kagome, often boasting that she is his "mate" and that she's his and no one else's, much to a certain half-demon's annoyance. He will often go to see Kagome when she is in the Feudal Era or whenever he senses she may've been in danger, again to a half-demon's annoyance.

When he was younger he had known a female wolf demon named Ayame who was the princess of a different wolf pack who moved to the mountains. When she re-appeared in his life later on she reminded him of when they saw the "Lunar Rainbow" together many years before and his promise to marry her. Nothing has been confirmed on whether he will keep that promise.

Although he and Inuyasha share somewhat of a rivalry between each other, especially when it comes to Kagome, they do have a level of trust for each other. If a situation is getting too dangerous and one of them is unsure whether they'll be able to protect Kagome, the other will trust the other one to protect the miko.