Note: Just as there are good and bad demons, so there are good and bad humans. However, although some of the humans here might fight against the truest evil (Naraku), they are considered evil for one thing or another. Like Kikyo, she may fight against Naraku, but she also tried numerous times to kill either Inuyasha or Kagome. Hence why she is here.


Species: Undead Human
Gender: Female
Age: 18 (at time of death)
Kin: Kaede
Likes: Children, healing people, her sister
Dislikes: Inuyasha, Kagome, Naraku

Kikyo is the priestess that was originally guarding the Shikon No Tama and the one Inuyasha first fell in love with fifty years ago.

She possesses very high spiritual energy and is a threat to every demon, including Naraku. Fifty years ago Naraku, disquised as Inuyasha, attacked and fatally wounded her when she brought the Jewel to present to Inuyasha in order for him to turn human.

Although her wound was fatal, she had enough strength to track down the real Inuyasha, who at that time had stolen the Jewel from the shrine and was making his escape, and seal him to the Sacred Goshinboku (God Tree) with a powerful spell. She died immediately after, giving her younger sister, Kaede, the duty of burning her remains with the Jewel, so that no other evil could obtain it.

After the Sacred Jewel returned with Kagome, she was revived by the demon Urasuei from her bones (really her ashes) and graveyard soil. During that episode, a part of Kagome's soul, as the reincarnation of Kikyo, was sucked out and transferred to Kikyo's body making her able to be alive again.

Because of her lack of a full soul she relies on the souls of other people to stay in her current form.

She holds a deep hatred for Inuyasha as well as Naraku and has jealousy and hate toward Kagome.