Publisher: Sega
Developer: Sonic Team
Genre: Platform
Release Date(NA): January 6, 2004
Release Date(Japan): December 30, 2003
Release Date(Europe): February 4, 2004
This game was rumored to be a 2D game, but when it was released it became known as a 3D platformer. In this adventure game the player controls three characters at once (with one of the three leading). There are four teams to choose from: Team Sonic (Sonic, Tails, Knuckles), Team Dark (Shadow, Rouge, Omega), Team Rose (Amy, Cream, Big), and Team Chaotix (Espio, Charmy, Vector). Each team character has one of three attributes, Speed, Fly, and Power, which need to be used at different times in the stages.

Characters-- The various characters and the various teams

Screenshots-- Watch the game, frame by frame!

Stages-- A list of the different stages with maps and details about each

Music-- Listen to the music of the game

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