New to anime? New to manga? Ever found yourself surfing the net and coming across words or phrases you never heard of that, as far as you can tell, come from people with strange avatars of spikey-haired humans/creatures? Fear not, newbie, for you're experiencing a common anomaly among the anime fanbase.

It's common for people who are just getting into an anime series (or anime in general) to feel a bit overwhelmed by all the terms and phrases fanboys and girls use to communicate with one another. With this handy little dictionary of terms, you won't have to fear that Naruto forum of "Believe it!"s and "no jutsu!"s.

A Japanese term ("Beautiful Girl") used to describe anime girls that are exceptionally beautiful.
A Japanese term ("Beautiful Boy") used to describe a male anime character with "beautiful" or slightly girly qualities such as girlish hair, eyes, or personality quirks.

Alternatively: Bishie
Refers to information or material that has been officially revealed by the creators. Information or knowledge of certain aspects of a story is only considered this if it is free of all fan speculation.

Alternatively: Canonicity, canonical, cannon (sometimes spelled like this)
1. A term used to describe an anime that is in another language other than Japanese.

2. Often used to shortly refer to the English version of an anime.

Alternatively: Dubbed, Dubs, Dubbing
An amateur or fan-made dub of an anime using clips from the original anime with spoken audio in the fan's native language.

Alternatively: Fandubs, Fandubbed, Fandubbing
Synonyms: Redub
1. Term used to describe a female who is completely obsessed with something relating to anime, i.e. series, pairing, character, etc.

2. A term often, but not always, used in a negative context (She's such a damn fangirl.)

Alt: Fangirls
Synonyms: Fanboy
An amateur sub done by a fan or a group of fans of certain anime using the original Japanese video and translating the audio into the written language of the sub watchers (usually English). Groups who work to make and distribute fansubs are known as "Fansubbing Groups".

Alt: Fansubs, Fansubbed, Fansubbing
A term used to identify episodes of an anime that are unrelated to the story of the source manga material.
A term used to refer to manga that has both been scanned into the computer and translated into English so that it looks like one is reading an official English (or other language) version. Groups of people who work on making them are called "Scanlation Groups".

Alt: scanlating, scanlated, scanlator
A conversational word used to refer to a pairing that a fan might support. Example:
Person 1: What is your ship? (Or: Who do you ship?)
Person 2: SonAmy!

Alt: shipping, shipper
Any info from a later event in something that "spoils" any plot suspense for a newbie to a particular series. Example: "Snape killed Dumbledore!".